Kate Gosselin: I Trust No One

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Kate Gosselin has few friends these days.

We can't imagine the grating mother of eight had many to start with, but she says it's by choice - she can't trust 'em. Everyone is just out to take her down.

As her 10-year marriage to husband Jon deteriorates badly and publicly, she complains that many people she once considered close have sold her out. Hard.

We're looking at you, Kevin and Jodi Kreider.

"When you look around, and very close trusted people who would never cash you in, for lack of better words, and those people do that and people leave your house and tell completely different stories, you tend not to trust people," she says.

"[I trust] a very, very small group of people," the reverse-mulleted one adds of who she can turn to when she needs support. We're here for you, KG.

GET REAL: Kate Gosselin plays the victim card in a new interview.

In an interview airing tonight on TLC, Gosselin also says their eight kids have become more introverted since she and Jon told them they were divorcing.

As usual, she took shots at Jon, but he's not firing back this time.

Jon, who recently split with Hailey Glassman, takes some responsibility for that, and for "losing his moral compass" of late, he admitted this weekend.

Speaking at a New York City synagogue Sunday night, Jon, who is being mentored by a celebrity rabbi, apologized for any harm he caused his family.

"I want to apologize to Kate in private for having public relationships, because if she had done the same to me, I would have been pissed," he said.

"Looking back on it, it seems like a knife in the back."

Indeed. Follow the jump to see what Kate has to say:


jon is ridiculous! go kate! haha she should win everything jon owns cuz he's a dirtbag.


She shouldn't trust anyone!
everyone has backstabbed her.


kate you are doing a great job at least you are looking after your children and yoU are not living in an apartment and only having vistation to your children i don't care about jon or what he does by he does need to grow up and start being a father and stop worring about what haily and all of his other women are doing


Considering what has been happening, she has done much better than I would have....I would have beat the crap out of Jon & sued his ass for breach of contract (on the show).


Hello Kate. I hope God guide you in the right path now that you are on your own, I saw several of your shows maybe not enough to from an opinion, nonetheless if I may offer some advice that might be beneficial in your future. your are an excellent mom, nice to have some help otherwise it would be impossible to care for all your children, you must give yourself a break daily ( Kate's time out) second if you were to find a new husband you need to be more respectful of your husband, because you are kind off a too bossy and condescending I saw how Jon felt an saw how you drove him away. your children deserve the best they can get out of both parents, they come first and not all the hoopla!


Other them spreading her legs and producing eight kids, exactly what has Kate done to deserve celebrity and fame? I don't get it!!! Only in America could the population fall for such stupidity,


she is pulling everyone along and so is he there doing it for the money the pair of them!


haven't we had enough of this phony and her fake tears. she did this to herself - alienated her family & friends long ago and exploited her children - they need to go back to a private life instead of "acting" in front of the cameras for more cash
enough is enough - TLC must be desperate to recoup some losses the last few weeks if they are parading her around once again.
Can we move on to other IMPORTANT NEWS ! Jon and Kate have had their 15 mins (and then some) We all need to put a roof over our kids heads and feed them, but not if it harms them. These poor kids dont stand a chance at a normal life. Kate cries that she is followed by paparazzi but if it weren't for her own actions she would be left alone. She plays to the cameras then complains about them. You cant have your cake and eat it too !


I don't blame her for not trusting anyone. If I had john for a soon to be ex husband I think i'd loose some of my faith in humanity as well. He's a total douchbag.


how does jon need a "spirituial adviser" to tell him to take care of his kids and not try to bone every girl with a pulse, that's what i wanna kjnow


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