Jon Gosselin: Pimped By Michael Lohan

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Michael Lohan was receiving money for securing paying gigs on behalf of Jon Gosselin, he says, a fact that could doom Jonny Boy in his legal battle with TLC.

Jon Gosselin entered into a business relationship with Hailey Glassman, Mike Heller and Michael Lohan to earn money, all in violation of his TLC contract.

Though unsigned, the contract led to Jon being paid for outside appearances that violated his TLC deal, Michael Lohan himself told the celeb gossip site.

The document and the payments Jon ended up getting could be a smoking gun in the breach of contract lawsuit brought against the father of eight by TLC.

According to the deal, "TR" is entitled to certain fees resulting from business transactions on behalf of Gosselin and then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

“I brought Jon to the table so I told Michael Heller we needed an agreement. He said no problem,” Lohan said, explaining the origin of the document.

HI, Jon

Get ready to say BYE to a lot of money, Jon.

“We were representing him ... I brought Jon Gosselin to Mike Heller, so Michael therefore had an obligation to pay me a percentage of what he made.”

TR is a joint venture of Lohan’s company and Mike Heller’s company. Heller never signed the deal after his dad Mark, Jon's lawyer, advised him not to.

Regardless, in what is sure to be strong evidence for TLC, who subpoenaed Lohan, says he got paid for deals Jon made money from. Probably illegally.

Heller “was paying me all along, which basically proves I have a deal. Why was he paying me checks and giving my wife and my son checks?” Lohan said.

Lohan said some payments he got for helping get Jon gigs was in cash.

“A lot of it was cash, so I would imagine that there were a lot of things I wasn’t paid for too,” the father of Lindsay and Ali said. “We’re going to find out.”

The fact that a paper trail exists on side business deals may turn out to be strong evidence for TLC against Jon. The tool's best shot, according to his $5 million countersuit, is to claim his original deal is unreasonable. Stay tuned.


When you need Michael Lohan to secure your publicity, you know you're about 16 minutes past your alloted 15 of fame.


JOEM, you could lead Kim and strkr93.


When are uneducated losers like strkr93 and Kim going to fade away?


Why in the world would Kate accept dead roses? They were turning black & they were drooping off the stems. Besides it wasn't even Jon's idea. It was the media that is paying him for appearances that got them for Jon to make the title of the sequence War of the Roses after the movie.


He continues to be the slimiest d-bag. He killed the cash cow by stopping filming of his kids so he is trying to get money any way he can. He is like a drug addict looking for the next fix. When will he fade into obscurity???

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