Jon & Kate Plus 8 Series Finale: The End of an Error

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Kate Gosselin never wanted it to be this way. But it is. Thank goodness!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 came to an end Monday in an emotional series finale.

Having shut down the show thanks to Jon Gosselin's gripes about himself his children being mistreated, TLC made no secret that it's on Team Kate.

Via heavy Kate commentary, the door definitely hit Jon on the way out.

"They don't know about girlfriends at all," Kate said, referring pointedly to her kids' knowledge of Jon's on-off significant other, Hailey Glassman.

"That's just too warped for them, too unhealthy for them to know. They learn by watching us, and that's the last thing I want them to know."

"I just think that relationship is a situation that's just a symptom of the real issue, so ... I don't envision a future there involving my kids at all."

Oooh, snap. You got served, Jon.

Jon and Kate Finale

Try not to weep openly at work.

"I do worry about his intentions and his motives for such things," she said. "Always wondering, is this a publicity stunt? What is the bottom line of it?"

Despite all the animosity, Kate Gosselin says that she never meant to become a single parent, and wishes it had never come to this earlier this year.

"When I'm driving to get school supplies with the kids or to try on shoes or anything that you've seen us do recently, it always crosses my mind that I should be in the passenger seat and Jon should be driving ... every single time."

"I never wanted that to change. Maybe I wanted roles to change, and people to step up, but I never wanted him absent from that driver's seat."

As for Jon, he's embracing this single parent douchebag thing.

"Those are precious times," he said, referring to the years they spent shooting Jon & Kate Plus 8, "and it is unfortunate our marriage failed, but our family should not fail. We're going to strive to do better and be the best parents we can."

"But we're definitely not going to be married ever again."

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The media blames Jon and Kate for looking for fame. The media is the ones that kept putting them on television and in the magazines. Its us fans of Jon and Kate Plus Eight that wanted to hear more about them. I wish they would come back on the air. It made me happy to see the children. I think it's unfair what happened to Jon. Kate looked like a hard person to live with. But she did her best I'm sure!


why is eveeryone mad at jon....he and kate split, he is entitled to havve a must go on. if i had to live with kate and get bitched at all the time about everything i would get a divorce too!!!!


As soon as Jon lost access to money by being canned from TLC, he realized he wouldn't be able to attract any mistresses anymore or live his freewheeling bachelor party life. That's why he canceled the show. He tried to bluff TLC and he lost. It was no coincedence that he's suddenly 'concerned' about the children as soon as he was tapped out. This guy is such a jerk. He used his fame and money garnered from his children to become a playboy, but now nobody wants to play with him. How can you possibly raise 8 kids if you don't have a full partner? I never watched the earlier episodes, but I can tell that all he cares about now is himself. Maybe he'll snort cocaine until his heart explodes.


exposing his kids to paedophiles was the worst thing..afather can say...what jerks..may be if they didnt sponge of their kids..their marriage would have survived...


All I have to say is finally- I was pretty ticked off they were on the cover of US Weekly 8 or 9 weeks in a row until Michael died- Really? Is that all there is to talk about?


Um I've seen the show, and it's funny with all the Jon Hate...really funny since pretty much every episode Kate is a First Class Bitch. Not saying Jonny boy is a Saint, but neither is Kate.


Hello, i am very big fan
Kate i feel that this is none of your fault, so i wish the show was just kate plus 8. The last show was very sad and i wish it never ended so please kate come back on tv, with KATE PLUS 8 I love you and i wish i could come and meet you once with the kids
your biggest fan Courtney
Write back please


Glad the show is done. Won't have to be exposed to that moron, Jon. The kids shouldn't have too much to do with him either. He is being pimped by Lohan and is too dumb to realize it. He will be dropped very soon since he no longer is of any use. Can't wait for his child support to begin. He's going to have to go back to being an IT nerd. No wonder Kate would lose her patience w/him. Good riddance!

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