Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt WILL (Not) Reunite!

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This is a new one from the geniuses at In Touch Weekly.

Rather than simply making up Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston rumors as they normally do (see Brad running back to her, or their secret meeting earlier this fall), the popular supermarket tabloid magazine is entering the prediction business.

Brad and Jen may not be back together yet, but according to In Touch intel, you can rest assured they will. The headline says it all: YES, THEY'LL REUNITE!

If that doesn't convince you, we don't know what will ...

Yes, They'll Reunite!

Brad and Jen will reunite! Seriously. Bank on it. In Touch said so.

Whether that's an older picture they used for the cover above, or an editing job even shadier than on Demi Moore's photoshopped W cover, the brief teaser on the cover leaves little doubt that this reunion is totally legit this time.

As Angelina Jolie, whose war against Jennifer Aniston never ceases, is panicking about her "battered reputation," Jen "waits for Brad" at a resort they love. Hot stuff.

You'll have to pick up a hard copy at the store to read about the "big steps" she and Jen are taking together in L.A., because they haven't posted the article online.

Our prediction, though, is that none of those steps have actually taken place. Call us crazy, but that's the hunch we get after the 19th interation of this same cover.


Angelina needs to stay home and take care of all the children she is responsible for. It is easy to obtain children, the hard part is actually raising them. A devoted mother makes them her priority, even above herself and her own ambitions. Brad needs to leave and file for joint custody of the children. He would have loved to have a decent life with Angelina as his wife and raise their children. However, she has chosen to remain single and to remain intolerant of his requests. She deserves to be single then. Jen and Brad are destined to be together. They WILL reunite. Jen has waited for him. They still love each other. He's a nice guy ... too nice for the likes of Angelina Jolie.


The patchwork is sooooo obvious. The yellow background is lighter @ Brad and moving right. There is no writing on background @ Brad and moving right. Jen is totally not looking at or leaning toward anyone standing beside her.
This is a super-low. Sadly, I saw this tabloid in the supermarket and p/u thinking how interesting b4 putting it down and electing to look online. Nevertheless, its obnoxious the intensional deceit that these tabloids benefit from and effective this issue I have finally become a past-reader/supporter. NO MORE B.S. for me !!!


I'm actually glad that those two aren't getting back together; I don't want to see Jennifer in a messy situation. I absolutely love Jennifer and her work. Brad Pitt with his 6 kids = trouble. Hopefully, Jennifer will be able to find her someone special, while Brad and Angie continue to adopt more. I really do think they're doing it for the publicity..


M Kiss, you can kiss my ass for all I care. Your pathetic comments mean nothing to me and are actually quite amusing. To go from attacking a celebrity to attacking a fellow poster, only shows your immaturity and selfishness, much like your beloved Jen eh?


M kiss, you can kiss my ass for all I care. Your "pathetic" negative comments and personal attacks mean nothing to me as it just shows your immaturity. To go from attacking a celebrity to attacking another poster is petty and selfish, guess now we can all tell why you support Jen eh?


Oh M kiss, you can fee free top pucker up and kiss my ass cuz I care less about you commenting on my "name!" Pathetic individuals such as you aren't worth my time.


Anybody remember John Mayer? She would so go back to Pitt. She's a needy-ass waste of ecto-plasm. Oh yeah, I DO hate JA.


Mr pitt do not deserve jennifer aniston


i don't know why them so dared about those news
Of course if brad really back to jen,they will hate jen forever
who cares ??? haha


Angelique...are you another Angelina bitch as well as in the other Angela BITCH above. It seems like any name that starts with Ange...are real boldface BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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