Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt WILL (Not) Reunite!

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This is a new one from the geniuses at In Touch Weekly.

Rather than simply making up Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston rumors as they normally do (see Brad running back to her, or their secret meeting earlier this fall), the popular supermarket tabloid magazine is entering the prediction business.

Brad and Jen may not be back together yet, but according to In Touch intel, you can rest assured they will. The headline says it all: YES, THEY'LL REUNITE!

If that doesn't convince you, we don't know what will ...

Yes, They'll Reunite!

Brad and Jen will reunite! Seriously. Bank on it. In Touch said so.

Whether that's an older picture they used for the cover above, or an editing job even shadier than on Demi Moore's photoshopped W cover, the brief teaser on the cover leaves little doubt that this reunion is totally legit this time.

As Angelina Jolie, whose war against Jennifer Aniston never ceases, is panicking about her "battered reputation," Jen "waits for Brad" at a resort they love. Hot stuff.

You'll have to pick up a hard copy at the store to read about the "big steps" she and Jen are taking together in L.A., because they haven't posted the article online.

Our prediction, though, is that none of those steps have actually taken place. Call us crazy, but that's the hunch we get after the 19th interation of this same cover.


Jennifer is a girl, Angelina is a woman. Jennifer is just jealousy that Brad chose Ange over her. Even if she wants to say bad about Angie, we still love Angie. No one is perfect. If Brad didn't want Angie, then he wasn't gonna be with her. Jennifer needs to grow up


i cant believe you guys get so worked up about issues like this. none of you know Angelina, Brad, or Jennifer so stop judging them based on media, because as i hope you know, the media spins things to suit their point and doesnt really care about what is real. moreso, if you do wish to get so worked up over it then go right ahead if it adds excitement to your day but to start being so mean to each other? and name calling? and insults? i dont know what ive walked into but im walking right out. you all need a hug or something. one love.


I cannot believe there are people that really think Brad would go to Jennifer Aniston. His marriage was over already in 2003 but that Jennifer just prefers not to admit it. She didn't care for him till she lost him. She even forgot to thank him at tha awards where he was sitting in public waiting for her to get her prize in 2003. She thanked her dog! What a woman!!!!!!!


Why would Jen ever take a man that has continued to publically humiliated her. He has 6 kids and looks like a worn out old man. No woman deserves that. Lots of people can't find the right mate. Many think they find them and are miserable. She's a class act and doesn't deserve all the comments about her looks, which we can't help by the way. She is always smiling and not smugly. You go Jen!


II'm sure Jen expected her marriage to Brad would last forever. I hope they do get back together. I know how she feels. Nothing like true love.


II'm sure Jen expected her marriage to Brad would last forever. I hope they do get back together. I know how she feels. Norhing like true love.


I don't hope Jen and Brad back together, b/c you can never repair a broken mirror. But I do hope Brad leave Angelina ASAP. Gee... I don't even know why Angelina is so popular... Yes, she adopted a lot of kids, so what? Are this kids happy? It's "charity". Is there any Hollywood star not committing "charity". She is just a smart ass knowing how to manipulate the media. Always show, show, show, how much love she has, how kind she is, how in love she and Pitt are... She never stop, because amazingly, some people do buy this kind of bullsh*t. If you are really a nice person, stop tearing apart couples selfishly, stop cheating on you partner, stop fancying have sex with your brother, stop dropping your "kids" to nanny when you don't need them for your show and make them laugh like normal kids (I seldom saw Angie's kids smiling happily).


Jen can not be compare to Angelina..... Jen acting is sooooooooo lame, always the same hair style, makeup, same way of acting which is so her marriage with Brad.Angel gave brad the fun he wants, the children Jen refuse to give him, he got them all... plus Angel and Brad are made from heaven to be together... Jen was only a house wipe sleeping with all dick and harry of twice her junior. I am a great fan of Jolie and Brad individually.. and being together makes them the best couple have ever seen in Hollywood.


Jennifer has to much class to take Brad back, she is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood and I know she will find the right man, the whore Angelina and Brad deserve each other, they are both sick people and Jennifer must be happy to know that they are not happy at all, just pretend that in public and they have only three kids together, the other three are adopted.


Sorry but neither Brad nor Jen are the same people anymore.
AJ doesn't have to sit at home and do nothing else, but at least she should work on reducing the stress causing problems in their family. That means not moving the kids from place to place. They can explore the world like other kids. In summer, at spring breaks, at holidays.
She should have waited to make another movie until her twins were at least 2 years old. If you are not there when your kids need you most( that is when they are very young) then why do you even call yourself a " mom"? She is the only mom actress worries most about what movie she is making next with who. None of the other actresses have as many kids as she have. What is more sad is not only Brad doesn't do anything about it, but he does the same thing. If your careers were above anything else, why did you have so many kids???? I am sure it was nice when you got all the attn from public.

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