Insult to Injury: Kate Major Suing Jon Gosselin

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Jon Gosselin's rumored fling from this summer, Kate Major, has retained an attorney and is moving forward with plans to sue him for breach of contract.

Real original, Kate 2.0. Everybody's doing that!

“Kate called me and has retained my services regarding a possible breach of contract between herself and Jon Gosselin,” her attorney, Ben Pietra, said.

The attorney promises that “We are keeping our legal options open, but if a breach of contract has occurred, we will be moving forward with a lawsuit.”

Gosselin and Major entered into a secret handwritten agreement back in June, in which Kate agreed to work for Jon as his personal assistant, earning a percentage from his accounts and pledging not to talk to the media about their love.

Jon Gosselin in NYC

That document (below) is likely to be the centerpiece of the new litigation against Jon, who is already facing a breach of contract lawsuit from big, bad TLC.

Kate, interestingly, has also been subpoenaed in that case.

"Kate 2.0 and Jon spent a weekend in a hotel where they drew up the contract,” a source, hilariously using her nickname, recently told Radar Online.

“Jon told her that he would match the salary she was making at [Star] magazine if she came to work for him as his personal employee immediately.”

“Jon drafted the agreement and they both signed it.”

Soon after, though, he washed his hands of her completely, denying they were ever involved romantically and running back to now-ex Hailey Glassman.

Kate Major wants payback for time wasted on Jon.

Ostensibly, her motives for the lawsuit are financial (she did quit her job), but come on, he tapped that ass and ditched her. You know it's also personal.

Jon's Contract

This is the "contract" Kate Major is suing Jon Gosselin over. 2.0 also plans to sue for fraud and loss of wages. He also faces charges of being a Grade A Douche.


Yeah? So? 0.0000001% IS a percentage.


Kate Majors needs to dig a hole and crawl in it. She is just trying to make a quick buck off of sleeping with Jon. Kate, your stupid and why do you think Jon should pay you for sex. Looks like you did it for a pay check! Your just a ho!


Oh Yeah, I'm going to embrace Hellion's legal opinion....not! He/she/it never even bothered to look at the contract, which was signed in cursive and print signature, and dated. But in fact the agreement may not hold up due to vagueness, but may if coupled with verbal addenda that flesh out the arrangement and can be proven.


He needs to go back to school & get better writing skills


That letter will not hold up in court plus I don't see a signature anywhere on it. PS - John Gosselin is a pimp!

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