Inside the Suicidal Mind of Hulk Hogan

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He's made a living playing make-believe and he's trying to sell a book.

Therefore, it's only natural to question the validity of Hulk Hogan's recent claims: that he had his hand on the trigger and was thisclose to committing suicide soon after his divorce from Linda.

"I actually believed in my heart that oath you make, 'til death do us part, for better or worse," he told E!'s Daily 10 this week. "I actually believed everybody was on that page. It blew my mind, never been hit that hard."

Welcome to the Gun Show

While his ex-wife has called BS on his tale, Hulk swears he "emotionally lost it" a few months ago, had a gun in his hand and was saved by a phone call from American Gladiators cohost Laila Ali.

"She goes, 'You left, you were so depressed. Are you OK? We haven't heard from you.' She kept saying that we love you and we love you and come back, come to church with us and that kind of snapped me out of it," the wrestler said.

He added that it's been difficult to tell his children to love their mother no matter what, considering she's dating a 20-year old former classmate of theirs.

Hogan spoke on his troubling thoughts while promoting the memoir My Life Outside the Ring. He has to understand that the result will be fans wondering if his stories are as real as his body slams.

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