Howard K. Stern Settles Rita Cosby Lawsuit

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Howard K. Stern's list of legal issues just got (slightly) shorter.

The lawyer and former Anna Nicole Smith "companion" has settled the $60 million defamation lawsuit he had filed against former MSNBC anchor Rita Cosby.

Not Camera Shy

A petition for dismissal was filed on Friday, Stern attorney Steve Sadow confirms, but did not comment further "pursuant to the terms of the settlement."

Stern was seeking that massive sum after certain allegations were amde in Cosby's Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death.

Cosby (falsely) claimed Stern and Larry Birkhead were lovers.

The (bogus) sexual relationship of these two led to a lawsuit.

That was the biggie. But she also suggested the former rivals hatched a secret deal in which Stern agreed to support Birkhead's bid for custody of Dannielynn as a quid pro quo for Birkhead's support for Stern to remain executor of Smith's estate.

Executors take hefty commissions for their efforts, anywhere from 3-6 percent at the least - an eight-figure payday considering Smith's $400 million.

Earlier this year, Stern dropped similar defamation claims against former Smith bodyguard Mark Speer, whom Stern claimed was Cosby's main source.

Stern is still seeking punitive damages against defendant Elizabeth "Jackie" Hatten, the sister of one of Smith's ex-beaus, Mark "Hollywood" Hatten.

Not such good news for Stern? The fact that he's being prosecuted for a litany of felonies as an enabler of Smith who contributed to her death.


Stern is a MURDERER
Birkhead is a HOMO (takes one to know one!)
VIRGIE is just crazy!


Stern reminds me of that scumbag manager/lover of Toya Jackson. How is it that his parents are paying for all these top lawyers for him, but yet his little sister has to go bankrupt. Coward is paying them from Annas money he pilfered over the years. I hope he goes to priosn


Rita must have saved so much money by settling this case. Howard is faced with paying legal bills to avoid what must be a lengthy possible stint in prison. I'm of the opinion that he was willing to compromise for pennies on the dollar as to what his claim was probably worth.Oh how times have changed, he used to be on board in Anna's frivolous claim against the Marshall family and followed her to every court she progressed through.....even though they never had a chance of profiting from their action .....and now he's going to have to claw and claw to keep his freedom. Bummer.


Virgie Arthur and her friend Rita Cosby made up the sex tape story because Virgie Arthur wanted a custody over little cash cow Dannielynn. Virgie, you will stay in your Texas trailer park for good, no millions for you!


Stern and Birkhead MURDERED Anna!! They should be IN JAIL!!




Rita Cosby is a opportunistic liar who wrote a book of lies and smut called "Blonde Ambition."
Federal judge Denny Chin said that Cosby tried to bribe witnesses with $5,000 to confirm her lies. Also, he said that Cosby collaborated with Virgie Arthur and her lawyer John O'Quinn in order to discredit Stern and Birkhead. They made up the sex tape story because Virgie Arthur wanted to get full custody over Dannielynn. Dannielynn Smith could inherit $88 mil. from Marshall case. Judge Chin said that Virgie Arthur's private investigator, Don Clark lied on national TV about being the source for sex tape story after the book was published.

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