Holly Madison Slams New Girls Next Door

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Holly Madison appeared on the season premiere of the new Girls Next Door, hanging out with the Shannon Twins in Las Vegas.

Away from the camera, however, this busty blonde and former top girlfriend of Hugh Hefner has mounting disdain for Hef's new play things.

“I had a great time with Hef and the girls when they came to see Peepshow and hang out in Vegas. I don't watch the other episodes though, because it kind of makes me mad," she told Fox News.

Hot for Holly

From where does this anger stem? The unoriginality of Karissa, Kristina and Crystal Harris.

"The girls need to focus on what makes them unique and not doing the same things Bridget, Kendra and I have already done on the show," Madison said. "Even camping in the backyard was an idea I had for an episode that we never got around to shooting. And guess what they just showed? The girls camping in the backyard."

Ah, yes, what makes these new girls unique. They're all blonde, they're all banging a senior citizen and they all possess a desperate need for love and attention.

That makes them entirely different from Bridget, Kendra and Holly, right?


She looks like a parrot who cut a volleyball in half and then glues both halves to her chest. Herplastic surgeon should be ashamed !


Holly should be thanking Heffner everyday for paying for her plastics tits. That is all she has going for her. Her speaking voice is horrible and she has no talent. It is her tits that keep us men going.


Her boobs her so fake looking. What a turn off. I would think touching them is like touching a plastic ball.


Wow her boobs are like so plastic!!!! How come woman do that to thier self.. Wigity wigity wack nigga!


The Bimbo is gross with those fake boobs. Is anything on her real?


Holly's comments are right on the mark. I noticed it the very first time I saw the show. I wondered if the girls could not come up with any original idea. Even then Barbi came in to help they did not same to get it, and Crystal's jeolousy or disdain for Barbi was so evident. Good call Holly.


Thank you, Hilton, for being a journalist who calls it like it is. I think that Richard Abowitz over at the LA Times needs to take a lesson from you -- it's as if he is getting paid from someone to write glowing things about Holly. I am fascinated by the whole thing - how these girls are becoming role models. Why would anyone choose to go to college, study hard, work hard when so many women like Madison, and countless other reality stars and porn stars are making millions by screwing their way to riches instead of working their way there.


Holly you need to get back with Hugh Hefner. You were so beautiful then. You haven't looked to good since you left him.


OMG those are not breast those are plastic beach balls to look like breast. Ewwwww!!!


As a man the thought of being with Holly Madison who is so FAKE and all plastic could turn me gay.


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