Miss Universe Contestants Hiroko Mima and Anya Ayoung-Chee Star in Hardcore Sex Tape

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Carrie Prejean truly has a reason to believe in God now.


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    There is nothing wrong with sex. Sex is fine. But just as people are free to have sex, the rest of society is free to form opinions on other's actions, especially when those involved have asked for public attention. Once you ask, you don't get to choose which parts of your life people pay attention to. To expect that is childish. So yeah, she's free to have group sex, and I'm free to think of her as trash for doing it. Am I perfect? No, but I expect others to judge me when I do something sketchy, too. Works out nicely. Don't want people looking down on you? Don't do the deed, or at least don't record it. Idiot.


    Wyatt blames the computer technician for releasing the tapes. Wyatt, we are not that gullible...WE KNOW YOU DID IT!


    i jus want say i had a one night stand and am very lucky .........




    Yah, hot sex. She blows good and takes it up her a$$ too. Yum.


    it disgusts me at the treatment of Ms Anya Ayoung chee that a video she made for her own private use should be released and sent from pervert site to pervert side. What a violation that this is allowed and this young women is allowed to be violated this way and have lewd rude commnents made about her in public. In trinidad sex is a private affair not a public one. The people looking at these tapes and spreading it ARE NASTY PERVERTED SICK MORONS who need a life.
    What you all are doing is tantamount to rape by spreading this video, please show some decency


    at the end of the day, d tape wasn't made for public scrutiny. it really doesn't matter if ayoung chee is from the suberbs or the ghetto or anywhere in-between. It is a horrible mess that could've happened to a 1,000 others. A whole heap of ppl will act disgusted, but what r they up to behind closed doors? Whose property are you sleeping with? The pastor, the minister, the boss wife.... the list goes on....


    ooh gosh!!! she is human too she made a mistake because of her dumb boyfriend,anyway that tape was sopposed to be personal so it's not like she did it for money. Hope she stays strong and her love ones comfort her, time will heal every thing


    Lame excuse!!


    he knew he was takin his computer to fix why the f&*% didnt he delete it first....everybody knows he did it on purpose...and to beside the girl is human.,..dont yall have sex?????????????????????????????????????????wtf!!

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