Hailey Glassman: Single, Not Yet Ready to Mingle

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She and Jon Gosselin may have broken up, or at the very least decided to take a break, as of late last week, but Hailey Glassman isn't back on the market.

At least not yet, according to her Twitter.

"I am semi-single, but definitely NOT YET ready to mingle," she wrote in response to rumors. "I need some Hailey time and regroup myself and my life."

Later, Hailey Glassman Twittered to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively that in the wake of the split, she's "now fearful of relationships, its unnecessary pain and stress in life" and "Eh some may say im Traumatized by this whole mess."

She added: "but you live and learn,and i learned i'm happier alone maybe and keeping relationships at a distance, I'm looking forward to therapy-LOL"

LOL, indeed.

Jon and Hailey Picture

Post-Jon Gosselin breakup, Hailey Glassman is making time for Hailey.

Earlier, Jon apparently experienced a surprise growth of brain cells and thanked his ex, who he credited for helping him see the error of his recent ways.

"Going home to see my kids, excited, but i'll miss Hailey," Jon Twittered. "She has made me realize I need to be an honest person/father for my kids."

That only took ... well, far too long.

Hailey, who made headlines last week with her comments to The Insider that Gosselin emotionally abused her during their relationship, appears to be moving on ... or at least focusing on other, simpler things in life for the time being.

After her comments on Jon, she Twittered a link to Rusted Root's 1994 hit "Send Me On My Way" and shared some thoughts on the World Series.

She's pro-Yanks. Nobody's perfect.


Poor John. First he meets a woman he marries who turned out to be a boring nagging b*tch, then he meets this Hailey whatever who seems to mostly want her 15 seconds of fame...


Other Than John that is but we all know that he's not all there


Who would actually want her anyway? Whiny little drama queen trying to make people feel sorry for her. Life is what you make of it hunny and no one in their right mind is falling for your sympathy card.


He spent a ridiculous amount of money on her including the SUV. She is done unless he decides to dish out more moolah which she & I doubt because as of right now he doesn't have any left and no real prospects of careers with enough money anytime in the near future. Poor Jon, Karma sucks!!


so so so so gay!! nuff said


Hopefully she take some time to get out of the spotlight and let people forget about her!


is she 18? she looks about 40!


This fame whore will take him back. Probably just a stunt to make John seem like he's actually interested in his kids or something


I'll be the first to call BULLSHIT...they are not over, this is simply another attempt to make Jon look like a good guy....I guarantee the is a well orchestrated "break-up"...These peopple are so sick

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