Grady Sizemore Pictures: Almost Nude, Entirely Hilarious

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While the Tiger Woods affair and subsequent car accident may have sports fans feeling distraught these days, at least Grady Sizemore is around to lighten the mood.

The Cleveland Indians centerfielder, known as one of baseball's preeminent five-tool players, comes close to showing off his sixth tool in a series of recently-released photos.

Reportedly, they were meant for ex-girlfriend Brittany Binger, a Playboy model. As Vanessa Hudgens, Carrie Prejean and countless others know, however, these types of pictures always get out.

It's nice to see the shoe on the other, naked foot, isn't it, ladies? Click to enlarge - and enjoy...

Grady Sizemore Nude

A gap hitter, Grady Sizemore could likely get to at least third base with many women around the world!

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The Indians have just decided that this will be the model for his bobble head


Bahahahaha.... This is hilarious, I hope he was in the pool before this pic. Whoever stole these and posted these prolly got a crap ton of money. Good for them. The girlfriend who was stupid enough to keep them where someone could "Steal" them, they deserve it.


I'm sorry, but I've lost respect for him... His girlfriend is a tramp, too.


that mug isnt doing him any justice, his defense should be " I was in the pool!!" " I was in the pool!!" I suppose his last name is the truth


Jacqueline.......its Grady, your just not used to seeing him out of uniform, still has his babyface and adorable smile., mmm and quite the hot bod we all knew was there!! :)


awww Grady, You are still number one with us Clevelanders.......and these pics are Nothing, really, so blow it off and come in strong in 2010, Yer still Number one with us!!!
♥ ya


Are you sure this is Grady ??? It doesn't look all that much like him. Grady has such a baby face and adorable smile... it just can't be him.


I like the poop spray on the back of the toilet spray -- NICE!

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