Ferras Alqaisi: Rumored New Boyfriend of Adam Lambert!

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Earlier this week, Adam Lambert said he was ready to date.

We assumed the American Idol singer was referring a random person in the future, but who were we kidding? No way Adam Lambert can remain single for long!

Star magazine reports the crooner spent Halloween night at a costume party with a new man: singer/songwriter Ferras Alqaisi.

"Ferras had been helping Adam work on his new album, For Your Entertainment," a friend told the tabloid. "They have a lot in common, so I'm not surprised Adam started falling for him."

Others, however, are shocked that Lambert has moved on so quickly from Drake LaBry.

"Adam really dropped a bomb on Drake; I don't think he suspected a thing," said a source.

Alqaisi is signed to Capitol Records. He enjoyed a brief dalliance in the spotlight a couple years ago, when his single "Hollywood's Not America" was used as the "exit song" on the seventh season of American Idol.

However, it was soon replaced by a Ruben Studdard song. Fortunately, Ferras has found his revenge: forget a tune on American Idol; he's got himself on an American Idol now!

Check out a few Ferras Alqaisi pictures below. Is he good enough for our man Adam?


Adam is way too much for this unknown guy.. Come on Adam!! what are you doing?? You can find someone really special


already? wasn't he JUST dating someone?


This is probably a bigger / more important pairing in the music world than anyone can imagine. Both are so talented and have not even begun to show the world what they are capable of. I can see why Adam was attracted to Ferras - look at him! He's hot. And if you've ever heard him sing live, you would definitely be hooked. He's also a brilliant songwriter. The future collaborations from these two will be stellar. I cannot wait!!!


He sorta looks like Kris to me....funny


Total rumor. Adam and Ferras have been friends for quite sometime, but nothing more. This news was a shock to Adam and Ferras and utterly BS!!


I think it's a rumor. Anyone he is seen with will make similar headlines.


get in there ;)


PS. Ferras would be just as much a catch for Adam as Adam is for Ferras. Ferras' talent is profound.


I sure hope they are because that is two hot, mad-otherwordly talented men with tender hearts. The thought of them together is way too good. Spare the thought of either one of them nursing a broken heart over the other. Does that combo work? 2 seriously big Rockstars dating? Dare to dream of them doing a duet. Dare. Ferras writing more incredible music for Adam. It is just way too much for the brain to handle. They are both too big right now to have time to be serious with anyone. But dang what a thought.


Who cares....man ho

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