Family Guy Reveals the Truth: Miley Cyrus is an Android!

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We knew it!

Last week, after Miley Cyrus admitted she had never heard a Jay-Z song and that she doesn't write her own singles, we speculated that the singer was nothing more than a Disney-created robot.

It was meant in jest, but last night's Family Guy episode has proven our theory correct.

Miley on Family Guy

During the installment titled "Hannah Banana," Brian and Stewie break into a Miley concert.

They befriend the star, only to eventually discover that she's actually an android. The pair tries to program her to have sex with Brian, but the experiment goes awry and she destroys the town.

Sound far-fetched? Or eerily accurate? Sit back, get comfortable and watch the full episode after this jump.

Even if you (somehow) don't despise Cyrus, there will be non-Miley related Family Guy quotes for you to laugh over for hours on end.


In response to Marj; Darling, need I remind you Family Guy is an ADULT COMEDY? Children, let alone Miley fans, even in this era won't even know what Family Guy is, let alone be awake to watch it. The point of a comedy is to mock, regardless of your personal opinions on the subject as the comedian or the audience. The writers have found a story-line, stuck to it, and therefore have done their job. No-one gives a sh*t about insulting anyone because it's all in the purpose of comedy. However, personally, I agree with 'Amused'. Miley Cyrus has no talent. She is merely one of the many faces of Disney who got a break where no-one else did. There are thousands of singers who have much more talent than her but they are not complaining. So you might want to take in the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions before you insult an award winning television program over someone like Miley Ray Cyrus.


i cant believe all u immaturish people hate a 17 year old girl well she's coming to 17. she does write her own singles. the breakout album was all hers. lots of stars dont write their singles. they are to bz. OK???????? family guy are for losers the writers are immature. the viewers will be disgusted.




Okay, so Jim Jupiter up there typed in all caps and doesn't know how to put a space after a period, and he asks people to give Miley a break when he is speaking poorly about Jay-Z so how does that make sense? Shsnaynay seems to like brackets and thinks that Family Guy, one of the top rated shows in the country, would want to use Miley to get more views. Then we have gogo who likes to use derogatory and ignorant terms to put down another person's opinion! Yeah, that's fair. Call Lizz a slut, that will get you somewhere fast. One more thing, Miley Cyrus is not talented. That is fine if you want to be into her, but that just proves that you know nothing about true talent and what it takes to be an artist.


Miley is super-talented and is worth more than all of the stupid family guy show. And she is worth more than all of you retarded haters, like lizz, you slut


Family guys is stupid my god ) i bet they just used the character Miley to get more views )))))))




a 'Disney-created robot'. I don't think theres a better way to describe her! Except stupid, selfish and greedy.


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