Dr. Arnold Klein: Michael Jackson Never Molested Anyone, He Just ...

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Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's best friend and doctor for decades, and who is also rumored to be the biological father of two of his children, is back in the news.

This time, it has nothing to do with Jackson's health or the paternity of his offspring. Klein is offering an interesting theory on Michael's 1993 child molestation case.

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As you probably know, a boy accused Jackson of molesting him, which the music icon denied. The case was settled out of court; MJ was never convicted of a crime.

Michael Jackson with his old friend and dermatologist.

A key piece of evidence in the case was that the accuser could identify a discoloration on the singer's genitals. Not something you just happen to see, right?

It is this that Klein is offering an explanation for. In a discussion with TMZ, Klein says there's a perfectly good reason ... even though it's still very strange.

If you don't want to be grossed, or potentially weirded out, we suggest you stop here. If you want, follow the jump to continue reading Klein's explanation ...

Klein says Michael liked to pee for an audience.

Files from the 1993 Santa Barbara molestation investigation note that the young accuser was able to describe - in explicit detail - the discoloration on Jackson's genital area ... the result of Vitiligo, a skin discoloration disorder.

Well, Dr. Arnold Klein insists Jackson did not molest the boy, and says he could describe Jackson's genitals is because Jackson liked to pee in front of other people.

Dr. Klein said Jackson thought it was funny.

Klein says there were numerous times when Jackson would pee in the doctor's home - in a cup!!! - even around groups of people, and even including children.

He would also do so in his office, Klein said.

Dr. Klein says the 1993 accuser saw Jackson peeing and that's why he could identify the genital markings. So ... no molestation, just general awkwardness.


This story just proves once again that Michael did not have the best sense when picking friends and unfortunately he surrounded himself with many ill-meaning individuals. I only wish MJ was able to really see Klein for who he really is as he would still be alive today if he never got mixed up with this enabler, drug pusher who claimed to be his best friend. Has anyone noticed that Michael's true friends like Liz Taylor and Diana Ross have not muttered one word about him since his death. These two individuals may have been the only real true friends Michael was lucky enough to have in his life. Thank you to both of these ladies who have the utmost class and will respect Michael's memory with dignity and grace.


Interesting that no evidence has ever come out about the paternity of the kids. No one has tested Klein to prove or disprove, that anyone knows about. He may think he's the father but he might not be. Michael often talked about the genetic concern of vitiligo and it didn't surprise me one bit that he wouldn't want his DNA 'tainting' a child and saddling him or her with the torture Michael himself went through. It blows my mind that the press always wants to find the most sordid possible reason for Michael's choices, no matter how good intentioned he tried to be. Poor guy. He's dead now and they're still beating him. His songs "Money" and "Leave Me Alone" said so much. He had no idea who his friends were. Even his own father saw him as nothing but a cash cow. What a travesty on such a gentle, kind man.


Ridiculous garbage. If MJ took a leak by a bush on Neverland, so what. Men do that all the time and no one makes a big deal out of it. But to do what Klein claims? Get real. If he really saw Michael do that and he stood and watched then Klein is the pervert.Why didn't this get into the FBI files? Because it never happened either. Like someone else said, leave Michael alone. This is a bad as the stories about him have a box of noses to wear or a third eye. And like John McClain said, "It's time to cut the man a break."


Yeah right. It's all wonderful how this doctor can say these things now that Michael isn't here to refute them. I also seriously question whether or not the doctor did actually make these statements. Just a few weeks ago the net was full of info about how Joe Perry from Aerosmith claimed that Steven had left the bad and that he was looking for a new front man. Then, in a face to face interview with cameras actually recording, Joe Perry claimed to have said none of it. IF Klein stood there while Michael took a leak in a cup in front of children, then what does that make him? And whose children were they..that Klein witnessed this happening in front of. Either Klein is a twisted jerk and a liar, or this story is full of bs. I vote door #2 and call bs.


People are discrediting the pee story, meaning he actually molested the child...and they're calling the person who published this story sick? Willful ignorance has really come far hasn't it? The man could sing and dance, so he couldn't have molested a child...even if there's proof!! That's fucking insane, and sad, very sad.


Please! Don't say you guys believe in Arnold Klein and his freaking stories... He's just another guy in it for the money. But you never learn, do you?


O Dr. Klein é bastante rico, acho que a questão não é financeira. Ele é muito parecido com o Prince Michael I, porém pai de verdade é o Michael que criou educou . E afinal por que não deixam a memória do Michael em paz?


Dr Kline, your a true friend, whats wrong? you get caught at somthing illegal? So now you have to tell a ridiculous story about michael. Do you realize how stupid you sound, Your a PUNK!!!!! michael would of never ever punked you as you did him. Your reason for telling the world your stupid story is not what you say, your punkass is evil.


this is just a load of bullshit that some stupid hollywood gossip website is making up they just want the public to turn against Michael Jackson just like he said. Either Klien is lying or this stupid website made this shit up. Honestly Michael would go to prison for showing his penis to anyone, so thats enogh proof no one saw his penis other than women who went out with him. Whats even more funnier is that the boy Jordan Chandler said Michael Jackson's penis was cricumcised when it wasn't, that is enough evidence to show the boy never saw his penis and he was never molested. As soon as i read the second paragraph i knew it was a lie. Either Klien is lyring or this stupid gossip website is lying, thier both "Tabloid Junkies".


a lot of people would probably be disgusted at someone peeing in a cup right infront of them, oh so casually, so this would have been all over the news of this bizarre behaviour long ago. Mike's very shy. Maybe he peed infront of Klein in his office for tests, or something. I can't believe he would do it socially for no reason, infront of adults. That's the kind of stuff young boys do, because they are showing off or think it's funny. I bet he participated in cup-peeing contests with his kid friends, seeing that MJ best associated himself with kids and was a perpetual child himself. So maybe that's how that boy knew of the discoloration mark. (but didn't I also read somewhere that the accuser said MJ was circumcised, when the police investigation determined, in fact, he was not?)

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