Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas: Just Friends!

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Demi Lovato loves Joe Jonas... but only as a friend!

The young superstar has taken to her Twitter account to shoot down rumors of a romance between herself and her BFF. Demi writes:

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"There's been a lot of rumors lately that I'm dating one of my best friends Joe. I can promise my entire career that I am not. It's unfortunate that some people out there are so desperate for attention that they have to make up gossip to keep their site alive.

"We've NEVER dated. He's incredible, but we don't have feelings for each other in that way. I love you guys, and I wouldn't lie about that."

Note to Lovato: have you seen Joe in a tanktop?!? You might wanna revise this relationship.

Just think of how many times you could get to first base - and only first base! - if you and Jonas dated. Let us know what you decide.


i kinda believe that they aren't dating...
but THEYY SHOULD right?
i mean, they're so cute together!


i heard that demi doesn't love jo cuz he's for her as friend but jo jonas loves her & when she herted his fillings he get out in a date with Brenda Song

Love hsm

Come On Demi! Your know your attracted to him like all the girls of America are.


i like how people can accept this but everyone else in hollywood is married with children the day they meet


what r u doing!!!


i was just kiding ok bye.......


what do you like fat girls or skinny girls bich


I have to agreed with demi I hate rumors too. That is just good that they are good friends.


do you like to sing with demi yes or no write back.......


They'd be cute together but honestly who cares besides the heart broken teens that have a thing for the jonas brothers.

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