Hoff the Wagon: David Bombed at EMAs

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Looks like there will be plenty of material for his new reality show.

If it wasn't already clear that David Hasselhoff had fallen off the wagon, his speech at the European Music Awards in Germany November 5 ought to prove it.

Sure, he's not seen taking shots on camera, but from the slurring of his speech and some of the nonsense he spewed, you have to think the guy is tanked.

According to reports, Hoff was drunk in a Canadian casino last weekend and had to be escorted away after getting into an argument with an elderly patron.

He was also hammered and hospitalized at home in September. Guy could use help. Check out the funny/sad video of David Hasselhoff drunk this week ...


I said it before and I'll say it again, the only reality TV he should be on is celebrity rehab with Dr.Drew. Giving him his own show will probably only enable his addiction. Ridiculous, I will definately not be watching. A sad situation, yet I have no sympathy for someone so self destructive. Sometimes you have to admit a lost cause when you see one


never mind, live life on the edge!