Darwin 1, Kirk Cameron 0!

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Kirk Cameron is best known for starring in the 1980s hit Growing Palins. Nowadays, he is an active Christian evangelist. This brought him to UCLA recently.

He went to convince college students that Darwin's theory of evolution is dead wrong, and while he can believe what he wants, Kirk's debating needs work.

Several UCLA students asked Cameron about Darwin, at which point Kirk stated that "I believe that Darwin was absolutely ... that the end game was to make God ... was to remove God from the world view of .. I think that that was the end game."

Hard to argue with that Sarah Palin-esque doctrine.

Kirk tried to link Darwinism to religion (and a bad one), saying it's "extremely based on faith." A student's reply? "Not really, it's based on a lot of evidence."

Cameron was on campus handing out copies of a "revised" edition of On The Origin of the Species, in which the author attempts to connect Darwin to Hitler.

Maybe next time Mike Seaver will take part in a little debate prep boot camp before getting straight up learned by 20-year-olds with cameraphones.


Did you listen to or read this? The only thing being discussed here is Kirk's poor debate skills, not wheather he or the kids is right or wrong. If he is going to promote and distribute his books, he should be able to intelligently defend his position, and it is obvious he can't do that.


DArwin was at one time Orthodox, but in the end he denounced the Word of God, as being false....These students are falling mute, as they lost me with defending Darwin's religious beliefs. This site puts this crap up as if it were newsworthy, and/or truth. Do your homework you dumbasses....these kids tried to have an educated debate with Kirk Cameron about the theory of evolution's creator beign a good Christian soldier, and lied in doing so....What does this prove, your sources are stupid, or is it just you being stupid?