Dancing with the Stars Gets Uglier, Eliminates Joanna Krupa

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Seriously, America?!?

Was this season of Dancing with the Stars not boring enough already? You had to go out and vote off the most attractive remaining contestant, Joanna Krupa?!?

Is anyone actually excited for a threeway finale that features Mya (the clear favorite) against Donny Osmond (the ultimate panderer) and Kelly Osbourne (the... reality star)?

To Krupa's credit, she handled her elimination last night a lot better than our staff has. She said: "It's been such an amazing experience and I've grown as a person. Thank you to the judges. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I had a great partner."

Joanna and Derek

Fortunately, we still have Krupa's naked Playboy pictures at which to stare. But we've never been less psyched for a DWTS finals in our time covering this show.

Not even exposed breasts and a bare crotch can offer us comfort. Let's hope the show learns from its mistakes next season, features fewer random stars and more actual entertainment.


What a screw up i can not belivev that they voted joanna krupa off the show. i agree that mya will win but at least it would have beenmore pleasant on the eyes, then to watch donny two left feet and kelly does not have a clue how to dance. what a shame. i will not watch the finials or next season. i would not want to be in the clas as those people that voted for donny and kelly sorry but are from another planet. good luck joanna what ever you do in the future. dwts not for my vewing any more. it's just plain stupid!!!!!


I can't believe you said they voted off the most attractive contestant referring to Joanna Krupa, she looks like TWEETY BIRD! Mya is absolutely stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, etc. Just because someone poses in playboy doesn't make them beautiful. Mya is the best dancer hands down, and also in my opinion the prettiest this season! But the show is about dance skills! Not a beauty contest!!


Boy, this is going to be one boring finale. You can't tell me people voted for Donny because he can dance. Come on people, you are supposed to vote for the BEST DANCER. If Donny wins, it will not be good for this show. I think alot of people will tune out next year, including me (and my family). Kelly may not be the best dancer, but she sure is better than Donny! Derek and Joanna added excitement to the show whether you liked her or not. The judges may have their faults, but they don't have enough say on who stays and who goes (because obviously the American people are clueless). Boy is this a disappointing ending to the season. Which Osmonds are you going to pick next year DWTS?


Mya has been my favorite since the first show. Clearly, the fans voted and the results are in. No need to be angry; it is what it is. Mya has done a terrific job and I too felt Krupa should have been in the finals but to say she was the only attractive one left, definitely can't agree with you on that one. Mya's just as beautiful and so is Kelly. The votes make a difference, I guess Krupa didn't have the fan support, even with her clothes off.


I was stunned to see Donny Osmond still in the final three (gag) and Kelly. Neither one of these can dance as good as the one that got voted off. I will not watch the rest of the season as I think this is just a populater show and not the best dancers. You've lost a fan of the show for sure.
Donny Osmond should shut his mouth and stop all the whining - he's sickening!!!


Kelly WHO? The wrong person was voted off, thats for sure. Mya, will and should win, but Joanna was a clear seclnd.


i love it! couldn't stand krupa. good bye! hello, kelly and donny. although mya should be the clear winner.

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