Cocktail: Ray J is a Heart Breaker, Attention Seeker

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Why does Cocktail have to play Ray J like this, yo?

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, the season one champion on For the Love of Ray J goes off on that show's star, accusing the amateur adult movie director of seeking attention over soulmates on his reality series.

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Joanna “Cocktail” Hernandez also admits that Ray J broke her heart. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

On the end of their relationship: Things didn't feel right after the reunion. I tried to be his girlfriend, and then we went on tour and there were rumors that he was going to do season two. When I asked him about it, he said "no," but then I found out the truth. Ray did break my heart; this whole thing has been an emotional roller coaster.

Kissing a girl on camera? Ray J has been there, done that. He's just not accustomed to facing her while doing so.

Did Ray cheat on her with Whitney Houston? He didn't talk about Whitney at all, actually. I heard the rumors that he was messing around with her when we were together, but who knows whether that is true or not.

Does she still have love for Ray J? I care about him, and when I am around him, sometimes the feelings come back again. But I'm at a place now where talking about what really happened is allowing me to move on.

On season two of For the Love of Ray J: Ray doesn't have to go on a show to find love. It's about exposure and money.

Funny. "Exposure and Money" was actually Ray J's nickname for ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.


What the hell my past is no rumor i will say this the dude who hurt me wants me back


My bay day 8-3-81 tmz hey


I got something for youell whos been hurt by these aint shit brothas fans rest of sure i will be youre shoulder to cry on i been thru so much my self ladies put heres your pain medicine stay tune.....


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unique was like me ray i wish you would have been on the show with me mybe we would have coctail out long ago danger would have bit most of them in looks unique mzladytee danger mz berry thats class


Stop puting my boyfriend name in the dirt please stop with lies ray needed a women coctail wasint women enough


For the record stop ? Ray and whitney did a song together please stop spreading rumors about my boyfriend ray cut it out and stop but his name in the dirt i love him


The only reason ray j wore danger smash the home t-shirts because they wasint speaking and to please coctail but thats over with the cat is out the bag he never wanted coc roc sacramento finest hoe


I think ray is young and he still partys needs some one strong like myself


A ray baby i gotta go but you just remeber that good loving comeing tell brandy i love her for makeing me strong and helping me become the women i am today thanks broca?


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