Clash of the Costumes: Cisco Adler vs. Perez Hilton

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As everyone knows, Halloween brings out the crazies.

It also brings out the attention-starved douchebags. Two cases in point: Cisco Adler and Perez Hilton.

The large-balled ex of Mischa Barton attended a party dressed like a hippie, flashing peace signs and looking dirtier than ever.

Hilton, meanwhile, channeled Lady Gaga for his Halloween costume. Instead of asking readers who looked better, we actually wanna know which celebrity looked the most moronic last night...

Halloween Douche

Who looks stupider?


i love perez he's got so much guts!


perez looks awesome lol


Perez looks ridiculous. I know he's good friends with GAGA but seriously I'm beginning to think he has a sick obsession. Drag does not look good on him.


Cisco is totally suppose to be Bret Micheals.
Perez looks HOT. Way to rock it.


i think cisco looks hot as a blonde lol id bone


um..i could be wrong, but maybe cisco is supposed to be bret michaels

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