Chris Brown vs. Rihanna: Battle of the Videos

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Rihanna and Chris Brown debuted their new music videos over the weekend - their first since the highly publicized incident last February in which he kicked her a$$.

In large part because of that, the videos are wide open to interpretation and reading between the lines ... and neither are that good, in our opinion. But you tell us.

Below, Rihanna's first single from her new album, "Russian Roulette" portrays her bouncing around in a padded cell, facing off with a guy offering her a loaded gun.

Wonder what that represents? Check it out here:

As for Chris Brown's new release? Well, let's just say that "Crawl" feels more like a PR move than a music video. Cassie cast to play Chris' "ex" in the video? Hmm.

Does it work for Team Chris? You'll have to see and judge for yourself. Follow the jump to check out Chris' effort and vote on which comeback video is best ...

[video url="" title="Chris Brown: Crawl (Official)"] [/video]

Well, now you've seen both. Which comeback video is better?


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this stuff is good in i want some more but i don't have a job and i sujest yu try it


This video is sooo creepy. I like Chris Brown's better, for sure.


Rihanna's is waayy better n it does not portray suicide... its a medaphor for how she dealsed with love in that relationship.... so dnt hate! - signed rihanna's bioggest fan!


yea chris is better love that song. alot of people can relate to it. rihanna needs to stop acting like shes hard wen shes really not.


RiRi's cannot be seen in my region, so i guess since I can only see chris's video i will have to vote for his...besides i don't like to see a video that protrays suicide...enough of it in the world today and for someone who is trying to come back and help abused women, this isnot the video to start with...


Let the past be the past but I like his video