Celebrity Hair Affair: Kellie Pickler

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The major talk at last night's Country Music Awards centered around the utter domination of Taylor Swift, who took home four trophies.

From thee, people talked about how beautiful host Carrie Underwood looked.

Eventually, though, conversation turned to Kellie Pickler and the fact that the singer debuted a new hair color at the ceremony.

"The hair doesn’t make the person, but it has been a shocker," Pickler told People. "It's been interesting with red hair because you can’t wear the same things. It’s an excuse to go shopping!"

We think Pickler looks pretty. Do you agree? Compare the colors below and then vote...

Kellie Pickler at the CMT Awards

What is Kelle Pickler's best hair color?


Personally, I don't think she's that attractive. Of all the timeless beauties that have been and exist now, she really has a plain looking face. The platinum blond look is boring, typical and bland. The darker look is better, IMO. I am not saying she's a bad person I am just saying that she's an average looking woman. THe only reason she grabs the eye's attention is the blonde blonde hair and the breasts. That is too bad that she thought she had to do that, so the change is good. It's different for a change.


oh god, she looks like kelly clarkson with red hair!


Speidi Stomper, Stop looking at your Skanky Ass mom, When you trying to write a post about Kellie. Seeing you don't know Kellie personally it must be the person you looking at, at home that is the trash monkey. Wait it could be your wife, my bad.. Now to what I think about the hair. I like the red better. It matches her skin tone.


why is this a question? she was smoking hot in the 'best days of your life video', and now she got fake tits and shitty hair. what... a trash monkey

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Kellie Pickler Biography

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Kellie Dawn Pickler
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Albemarle, North Carolina