Celebrity Fashion Farce-Off: Paris Hilton vs. Katherine Heigl vs. Kim Kardashian

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Those one-strap tops girls wear to clubs are one thing. One-strap (and one-sleeve) dresses passed off as high fashion on the red carpet? That's another faux pas.

These dresses, and the celebrities wearing them, look so lopsided and silly, it's like even they can't believe their stylists picked these frocks out for the evening.

Paris Hilton seems poutier than ever. Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl seems more awkward than she does on the show she hates being on. As for Kim Kardashian?

Well, this is what Kim Kardashian does. She can struggle through anything to have her photo taken. Even wearing one shoulder pad above her one sleeve.

Whether these half-dresses are all the rage because of recession-caused fabric shortages, we can't say. But who wore this "fashion" trend best? Vote below!

One-Strapped Madness

Who looked the best in their one-sleeve dress?


LMAO at The Hollywood Gossip stealing stories from E! online. Wow even the exact picture and text. Well this comment will be deleted before any one else gets to read it.


Paris looks half way do-able in this photo. Katherine Heigl looks good no matter what. Kim looks like she is the wife of a 1980's mobster from Jersey. My job here is done, I'm off to kill some salsa dancers.


I have to say the one sleeve look is pretty ridiculous,. and I guess for celebrties that is the norm. If I met someone who was wearing a one slevve dress in real life, I would laugh my ass off. However, such is life. if I had to pick one, I'd say that Kim looks by far the best in her dress, but that's just a guys point of view because she has the curves to distract your eyes away from her ridiculous one sleeve... My job here is done, I'm off to do some salsa dancing right now.. Adios

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