Carrie Prejean Owns Up to Sex Tape

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Stop us if you've heard this before:

A D-list celebrity is about to star in a movie/reality show/release a book. She needs to garner publicity for it. Suddently, rumors of a sex tape pop up. The celebrity plays ignorant, only to eventually fess up to the video, cite it as a mistake and watch her Q-rating soar.

Sound familiar? We've been there, done that with Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Shauna Sand.

In other words: not only is Carrie Prejean dishonest, exploitive and manipulative - she's unoriginal.

The disgraced beauty queen, who was held up for months by conservative Christians as a value-based role model, appeared on Hannity last night and admitted that her sex tape is real.

"All by myself, I was sending a boyfriend at the time, who I loved and cared about, a video of me," she said. "Never did I think it would ever come out. It was bad judgment. It's embarrassing. It's humiliating to be talking about this on national TV."

Anyone else think Carrie will feel less humiliated once sales figures for her book, Still Standing, come out?

Oh, the Irony: Carrie Prejean titled her biography "Still Standing." She's in the news again, however, for lying down on video. And touching herself.

How did Sean Hannity respond to this admission? With a joke: "It would be really embarrassing if it was me," he said.

In possibly related news: Hannity wrote the foreword for Prejean's memoir.

If Hannity and the right want to ignore Prejean's topless photos and masturbation tape, that's fine. We agree, people are allowed to make mistakes. But at what point does any American with half a brain realize that Republicans have no better standing on the moral high ground than Democrats do?

Are there any Carrie Prejean supporters out there? We'd love to hear them defend their girl if so!


Sean Hannity wrote the foreword for Carrie Prejean's book, and now he's interviewing her on Fox News.

We'd mention something about a violation of journalistic standards, but that would imply Fox News possessed those standards in the first place.


A famous (some say "infamous") and hugely influential conservative Christian leader, namely Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, is at the heart of the real story behind the Carrie Prejean scandal, but the only source reporting this highly significant angle is here - - and nowhere else. Surely other news outlets will start reporting on this hidden dimension to the story, so I guess it's no wonder that Dr. James Dobson announced his retirement the same week the Prejean tape story broke.


Seriously, to take the position that you must be perfect to stand up for high morals is absurd. We should all strive for high morals and we should all recognize nobody is perfect. If only the perfect could comment on morality, there'd be no comments and we'd be a lesser society for it. We need to be challenged to higher standards. As for gay marriage, I wish government never was part of defining what marriage is. Leave that to individual and churches, but I admire anybody that holds to their beliefs and I defend their right to declare them. Prejean only gets rich because both sides fuel her fire. Ignore her or celebrate. Just accept the consequences of either choice.


yes! where is "seriously" at? saying its not true. i know she never said she was a good christan but alot of people think she is cuz she said gays cant be married. but she can get a boob job, show them off, and make a sex tape. woo


This bimbo is a tart who doesn't walk the walk. So, you're a teenager doing the solo thing, taping it, and sending it to a boyfriend? Not a husband, mind you. And, you get someone to pay for fake boobies, and then blame it on them? Are you also mindless, besides obnoxious and a hypocrite. She's getting everything she justly deserves and Hannity would chew up a democrat for the exact same thing, so bias is bias. So much for "fair and balanced Fox news". Ugh, I want to throw up in my mouth...


Seems like Luke and Cat never heard of the nasty emails Carrie sent to the Miss California pageant officials, or the persistent, willful contract violations. Carrie has proven herself to be an unethical nitwit, very far from the holier-than-thou image she tries to project.
The flack over Carrie isn't about her comments on gay marriage. It's about HER lack of character.


Cat, are you doubting she has a sex tape? Did you watch the interview above? She admits to it. Also, not a single person in this article has mentioned gay marriage. Is that really the defense of her: she has an opinion on gay marriage, so she should be left alone? All this article and her critics are saying is that she's a liar and a hypocrite. We haven't uttered a word about her stance on gay marriage.


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If there is a sex tape, why hasnt it surfaced? Good for her for writing a book and profiting off of all this gossip. So she doesn't believe in gay marriage. Who cares! Its one persons opinion. Get on with your lives!


luke, are you an idiot? oh wait, you support carrie prejean, so i guess that answers that. vanessa hudgens is constantly bashed for her naked pics, and last i checked, vanessa hudgens wasn't an official spokesperson for higher moral values like this hypocritical self righteous b*tch. i could care less what her position on gay marriage is, but the fact she's going around telling people she has some sort of moral convictions on sex & marriage while taking topless photos & making girls gone wild type videos is a complete joke. get a brain luke because you're the biggest idiot to ever comment on this blog and that says a lot!


To "Luke Warmwater" - Hudgens actually got TONS of slack for her nude photos, including from this very site.
The difference between Prejean and other sex tape celebrities is that none other have exploited religion in order to stay in the news. It's insulting to me as a Christian. I forgive people that ask for forgiveness and truly seek redemption. I do not forgive people that appear on Fox News in order to sell a book and consistently lie about their actions.

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