Carrie Prejean: God Loves Fake Boobs!

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When it comes to the bible, Carrie Prejean is like a woman at a buffet line.

She just picks and chooses whatever satisfies her cravings... for attention!

Carrie Prejean at the Mic

In an interview with Christianity Today, the disgraced beauty queen and spawn of Satan spoke on her breasts implants. She said she's sure God is totally cool with them because:

“I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn't get breast implants.”

A majority of Americans are against gay marriage. Fox News is the highest-rated cable news network, by far. Still, Carrie Prejean somehow claims she's in the persecuted minority.

Fair point. There's no specific citation in the Bible that condemns breast implants. But there is this passage from Thessalonians 4:3-5, which reads:

For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God.

Care to comment on that one, Ms. Multiple Sex Tapes?


karmabringer, What are you talking about Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity. What are you talking about?


I agree Ms. Prejean!! If the Donald's stupid enough to pay for em, you should be allowed to keep em!! Indian givers are the worse!! Ms. Prejean wanted boobies..the Donald should have given her a fur coat too..does not the Bible say if any man ask for your???give them your coat too!!


One of the many reasons I do not subscribe to Christianity. For those of you stating that all one has to do is admit to the sin & be forgiven, I believe you are mistaking Catholicism for Christianity. Remember, Christianity is a "religion", whereas Catholicism is a "faith" borne out of Christianity. And I have no "faith" in either. Where else can you purport to be pious, faithful, & good, yet adjust your take of the holy book to suit your own needs, make your own interpretations? Organized religion is as dangerous as organized crime.


ha hah hahh ha hah hahhh huh


"Seriously" she's a freaking fraud! Open your eyes!
Ps mighty foul mouth you have for a good christian


It sounds like Naeem has a blind allegiance to Carrie.
It makes Christians appear to be non-thinking, ignore all evidence, believers of dogma.
It is this blind faith has caused endless wars between religions throughout history. Such an attitude ends the conversation and any intellectual discourse. It causes people to stick to their outdated beliefs like: the earth is flat; the sun revolves around the earth; creationism; or that vaccines cause autism.


Carrie Prejean: God Loves Fake Boobs! If Almighty and Hef share this opinion in common, then God is a lot more Liberal than many would believe.


Could someone remind when the Bible was written?? Would that be pre or post breast implants techology?? Could Ms. Prejean be anymore - dare I say - dumber? More than anything I wish Carrie would stop lying - Please!


Carrie is a wonderful woman and a great christian!
She deserve retaining her crown!
Evryone have desires so has carrie!


Carrie is not like this!She is a wonderful woman as well as a wonderful christian! She should have retain her crown!


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I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage and, you know what, in my country and my family I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anyone out there but that's how I was raised and that's how I think it should be between a man and a woman.

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Marriage is good. There is something special about unions of husband and wife. Unless we bring men and women together, children will not have mothers and fathers.

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