Carrie Prejean Can Keep Her Breast Money

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There's been a truce in the contentious world of beauty pageants and bible thumping.

Both Carrie Prejean and the Miss California pageant have withdrawn their lawsuits against one another, leaving the former free to keep the money she accepted for getting breast implants.

Prejean Press Conference

"Carrie Prejean, [pageant director] Keith Lewis, and K2 productions [the independent pageant producers] have dropped their claim against each other and wish each other the best in their future endeavors," reads an official settlement statement.

Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, but expect Prejean to trash pageant officials in her upcoming book nevertheless.

That is the Christian thing to do, after all.

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Who cares what a teenager did in private. If she made a video for public distribution that's another thing altogether and gets into kiddie porn. A much more interesting story would be how the pictures and video were obtained?? Did the people who claim to have seen the video in advance (people that like to ridicule Carrie... TMZ and other gossip blogs) working with with Lewis and Hoakler in the blackmail scheme. You'll never hear that story because it probably involves illegal activity. Either that or the whole issue is a hoax and Carrie gave them what they wanted. Why did the Pageant organizers pay Carrie's 100,000 legal fees?? and payoff her publishers to stop the book?? Are they more worried about what was going to be in the book???


ps. ur just upset cuz u though aww this poor girl is getting picked on and shes just a good Christian....hahahahahaha wow what a good Christian


endores their sin.... im sorry but ur fucking stupid and closed minded. she didnt settle or get what she wanted from them. she droped out. she didnt get the money she wanted. we dont know if there is one OR NOT. eat a dick seriously


Sara, where is said sex tape? Oh...thats right, nobody knows....they are just saying there is one, but will not share it...whatever, these are internet tabloids, for crying out loud!! If they had it, they would share it!! It is also convenient that as soon as she settles, the same day...they come forward to say they've had this sex tape all along? Sounds like a load of crap, smells like a load of crap then it is a load of crap....She isn't anti-gay or a homophobe....her mother lived with a female lover for years, people will do what they will, sin is a part of life; however, to try to force others to endorse your sin is stupid,...get it?


So Prejean saved her tata's. Case closed!


maybe when she lost she should have just stoped right there. but she pushed it and for everything she said everyone attacted her. she should have just moved on right after insted of making it a big deal. it was not wrong to ask her that question but perez was wrong how he brought it up after and bashed her. but she shouldnt have said anything back to him. i just think its funny how she no for gay marrige and she can pose nude and show her boobs, get a boob job, and make a sex tape lol and still say no to gay marrige. hahahaha what a Christian. yeah i said it. iknow everyone makes mistakes but really? i just dont see how someone can stand there and say no to gays cuz god says that is wrng but thinks its ok to get a boob job show them off and make a sex tape. lol


everybody's happy. now can we please move on to something thats actually "newsworthy" for once?


Unbelievable.... well except in California I guess. It appears to me that Lavanberia, Lewis and Moalker acted like complete repulsive scum in this whole thing. Now Prejean is going to drop the whole thing over a measly $5K. It sounds more and more like a Trump production all the time.


whatever maybe this will just be the end of all the news about her. i'm ready for this to be old news.


Oh god, just what the world needs another wanna be celebrity coming out with a book to bore people with.