Brittany Murphy Fired, Simon Monjack Hospitalized

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According to reports, Brittany Murphy was fired from an upcoming film that was shooting in Puerto Rico for being difficult on set and a detriment to production.

We're not sure which film, but Murphy's IMDB profile indicates that this film may have been The Caller, which also stars True Blood cast member Stephen Moyer.

It took about 15 seconds for Brittany to be replaced, too. Twilight and New Moon star Rachelle Lefevre reportedly hopped on a plane as soon as Murphy was out.

A source also says that Brittany was so pissed about getting booted from the film that she didn't want to leave Puerto Rico and had "plans to sabotage the film."

That would qualify her as a Grade A nut job.

Not a good weekend for Brittany Murphy. Or Simon Monjack.

The really interesting part of Brittany's movie set ouster was that the weird British con-artist she married in 2007, Simon Monjack, got into a fight with some locals.

Could there be a connection between the whole Puerto Rico incident and Monjack arriving at LAX airport "incoherent" and having to be hospitalized Saturday?

Murphy thought that Simon Monjack was having an asthma attack, but medical personnel boarding the plane evidently felt it might be even more serious.

Con-jack was released from the hospital last night and even picked up some burgers before heading home, but it makes you wonder ... burgers? Really Simon?!


@Dr. Rehab
Stop pretending you are a real doctor. If you don't realize that respiratory depression causes hypoxemia which causes cardiac arrest OR respiratory depression causes hypercapnia which causes cardiac arrest then you need to go back to medical school, because you forgot semester 1 of your MS1 year called Basic Physiology.


BTW - respiratory failure isnt the #1 cause of CA but rather CAD with or without overlapping MI.


It was her time yo! Sh*t lik dis haps all da time yo! You folks need to lay off the crack ya naw im sayin'! Brittany for president y'all. PEACE!


If people take a look at the people Simon Monjack is connected to, like Arturo Globenfeldt, you'll see why she died. Simon probably thought he could kill himself with some kind of drug, which is what sent his butt to the hospital for a purported Asthma Attack. Oddly enough, not long after, Simon Finds the money to pay Arturo Globenfeldt Back some $16,000,000.00. Now Brittany Murphy is dead from an apparent Heart Attack, and good old Simon doesn't want an Autopsy. The coroner better be on his A-Game, because they're going to be wanting for some exotic toxin that killed her.


You learn in medical school, the most common cause of cardiac arrest is respiratory arrest (stop breathing and before long, your heart will stop).


I really love how people will post anything when they no one knows what the cause was of her cardiac arrest...yet. One site says she was diabetic...maybe that had something to do w/ it...we don't yet, k?


sounds like overdose


people are so quick to judge someone and blame it all on drugs....her husband doesnt look like the brightest tool in the shed...but then again could be a very nice person..its very unfortunate that she had something troubling her and just took it to far...r.i.p brittany....thoughts and prayers to your family


it appears without even knowing her weight totally de[plenished...and she looked like she had some kind of eating disorder...and maybe that would be the cause....either way she was beautiful...and it heartwrenching to be taken so young with so much to offer..thoughts and prayers to alll


I agree with EMT Guy! Someone dies and they all assume that she is a drug addict...Get a life! She deserves to Rest In Peace!

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