Brittany Murphy Fired, Simon Monjack Hospitalized

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According to reports, Brittany Murphy was fired from an upcoming film that was shooting in Puerto Rico for being difficult on set and a detriment to production.

We're not sure which film, but Murphy's IMDB profile indicates that this film may have been The Caller, which also stars True Blood cast member Stephen Moyer.

It took about 15 seconds for Brittany to be replaced, too. Twilight and New Moon star Rachelle Lefevre reportedly hopped on a plane as soon as Murphy was out.

A source also says that Brittany was so pissed about getting booted from the film that she didn't want to leave Puerto Rico and had "plans to sabotage the film."

That would qualify her as a Grade A nut job.

Not a good weekend for Brittany Murphy. Or Simon Monjack.

The really interesting part of Brittany's movie set ouster was that the weird British con-artist she married in 2007, Simon Monjack, got into a fight with some locals.

Could there be a connection between the whole Puerto Rico incident and Monjack arriving at LAX airport "incoherent" and having to be hospitalized Saturday?

Murphy thought that Simon Monjack was having an asthma attack, but medical personnel boarding the plane evidently felt it might be even more serious.

Con-jack was released from the hospital last night and even picked up some burgers before heading home, but it makes you wonder ... burgers? Really Simon?!


i absolutely loved brittany she was one of my all time favorites such a cute happy go lucky woman.....she always put u]you in a good mood she will be missed my prayer to her parents


she just died!!! she died!!! u cant just say crap like that!
it may seem like just something to talk abt...but imagine if it was ur sister? girlfriend? ur kid? and people were saying all this shit!!!
let the girl rest in peace and leave the family alone.


this man doesn't look innocent...


What an unholy tribe of hypocrites live in the US. Most scream injustice when a tried and jury- convicted citizen gets done for murder in Italy......but a man who just lost his wife (celebrity of course) hours earlier begins to be vilified. No mind that he hasn't been arrested, confessed or mentioned as a person of suspicion. He is presumed guilty or culpable without evidence or just investigation. Truly an unruly nation.


Well, did anyone think it might be because she was overworking herself and at the same time not eating properly? I read that she had 5 films in production as of yesterday. As slim as she was, that and stress can do it. Blessings to her family.


I heard somewhere that the did not find any illegal drugs, but a lot of presciption drugs. If not heroin...opiates...with diet pills...bad heart...poor diet...could be any combinations, right? I still think there should be more attention put on Simon...sorry. May be we are in the grieving process where you're angy and in denial....but if we're wrong, so beit...I'm sorry Simon. BUT, but if we're right...he will not saunter off and gain riches and fame from her hard-lived, long-suffered (ultimately lonely) life! Wouldn't/shouldn't a loving husband try to help her?? Wouldn't that be a kicker if he, as a screenwriter wrote something (for his own gain) about her life story from this tragedy...wouldn't it be worse if he stood by and did nothing or enabled her addiction JUST to get the material to do so? Just my thoughts.... RIP Brittany. She never quite broke past her inner demons to find her true potential...what a loss!!


Im not in the habit of posting comments but......Its very hard for families to loose members around the holidays no matter WHAT the autopsy reveals.Prayers to the family.


Some of the posters are naive. Obviously if you die young in Hollywood, collapse in the shower at age 32, people assume it's drug related because 95% of the time it is. Add to that the incident with her husband being unresponsive 3 weeks ago and she didn't want him taken to the hospital, and now he doesn't want her to be autopsied. It's not hard to assume it's drug-related.


If you lived here you would know she's been a drug chick for years.


@JustSayin- "common cause of cardiac arrest is respiratory arrest" Again, I am not sure which medical school you went to, but this is only true in children.

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