Britney Spears Worships Satan Via Twitter

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Taking a few moments away from her Circus tour in Melbourne, Britney Spears shared some of her personal religious views on Twitter just minutes ago.

Apparently she gives herself every day to Lucifer, and eagerly awaits the arrival of a New World Order, presumably headed by Satan himself. Awesome.

Who knew the star felt so strongly about the end of democracy and freedom and the installation of a bureaucratic, collectivist one-world government?

Maybe they'll ban pants. Now that's a political platform we can see her getting behind. Here's a screen cap of Britney Spears' devil-worshiping Tweets:

Britney Devil Worship

Of course, this is likely the work of a hacker (it's happened to Britney before, with the focal point of her faux tweets being the size of her vicious lady parts).

At least we hope so. Otherwise our girl has been possessed and is not of sound mind, which could be very bad. It would be like 2007-2008 all over again.

UPDATE: The hijackers remain at large, but the situation has been fixed and Britney's Twitter now features the following explanation of her Satanic ways:

Brit Tweet 2
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Brittney videos certainly seems like she's given herself to Lucifer. She doesn't appear very Christlike. But then Lady Gaga with her Disco Stick song don't exactly seem like a good Christian either. Donna Summer became ashamed of her music.......Brittney Spears is very low class......


Ferro, the question is why wouldn't people do this. It's not like she's a home crying her eyes out over this, i'm pretty sure she doesn't give a damn - and it's entertaining for the rest of us... ergo, whoever did it - thumbs up, and make up something else next time ^^


why ppl wanna do this to britney?


That's just a crack-up! Uh-oh, is crack-up the wrong word to use??!!!


joem Says: What more needs to be said? How about that it's hilarious! LOL glad they got the photo up before she took it down. how hard is it to make a good password


What more needs to be said?