That's Gotta Hurt: Florida Player Eye-Gouges Foe

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As the top-ranked college football team in the nation, the University of Florida has been gouging the eyes of its opponents all season long ... figuratively.

Trying to blind your opponent with real eye-gouging, Brandon Spikes? That's just a low blow. And possible suspension material for the Gators linebacker.

During Saturday's 41-17 win over Georgia, Spikes felt the need to really stick it to a Bulldogs player in the midst of a scrum. Hopefully he can still see.

This is worse than the Oregon-Boise State fight earlier this season. At least in that case, the dude who got punched could kinda sorta see it coming. Sorry.


bahahaha! too funny! this would kill though. and in the slow mo it ligit looks like he's doing it on purpose! haha


Why doesn't someone complain about Ohio State and what they do. Or is it still the one with the most money wins (by cheating).
The Gators are not bad compared to what they do. A sick bunch of folks and fans for sure!


that's dumb.
if your gonna win you should at least win right


err i hate him


Dirty, I agree with seriously... he needs an ass kicking


What a turd....he needs his ass kicked!!


makes you wonder how often that goes on and the cameras just dont see it


Spikes is dirty. Throw the low-life off the team.