Brandi Glanville to Eddie Cibrian: Pay Up!

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Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian's soon-to-be ex-wife, was pretty pissed off earlier this year when he began screwing LeAnn Rimes ... over and over and over again.

Now she claims the actor is screwing her, but only financially. Rough.

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Brandi claims the CSI: Miami star has left her essentially high and dry since they split after eight years of marriage, refusing to give her a dime for food and gas.

According to court documents, Brandi claims that Eddie is raking in $60,000 a week on his show, but he's currently only paying for Brandi's "household bills."

Eddie Cibrian's affairs earlier this year made Brandi Glanville leave him.

Amazingly, Brandi Glanville wants money to help care for their two young sons, as well as herself. Brandi is asking for $39,963 a month in spousal support.

Yes, that's per month. Maybe that will make Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes think twice about flaunting their romantic affair in public every chance they get.

Okay, probably not, but it was a nice thought.


Go get a job! Seriously.


Here's where aaalll those photo ops and comments from "sources" come into play and there were a lot of them from "Good Father Eddie's" camp.
Go for half Calif is community property. Heck you could probably get something for emotional distress too. If Eddie can afford to wine and dine his "Boo Ho" he can afford to pay for what Brandi is asking. He looks worse and worse everyday. Looks like Brandi is the one who did all the heavy lifting in this marriage while Eddie was to busy taking care of Eddie. What a douche

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