Angelina Jolie is Salt

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You gotta hand it to Angelina Jolie.

Somehow, in between playing mind games with Jennifer Aniston and adopting a child on her own, the actress has managed to film a new movie.

Hitting theaters in July, it's titled Salt and focuses on the adventures of a rogue CIA operative named Evelyn A. Salt.

"She's a character you never know," said producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. "People who think they know the real her may or may not... She tells you her agenda, but are you supposed to believe it?"

The studio released the first poster for Salt this week. Will you go see it?


Who is SALT??? I AM SALT....I would like to know where Kurt Wimmer found my name and why he chose to use it.


An FBI agent is being chased by other FBI agents. How many times have we watched this type of movie? Instead of changing the gender, they should have changed the topic. Sorry, it looks like AJ's worshippers are the only ones who will see the movie.


Smokin' hot!! Go Angie


Anoni,I hope you are talking about Jenifer Aniston.


Nothing better than an Angelina action flick. She owns this genre. That poster - smoking hot! Oh, yea I'll be there.


she played 3 differnt roles in the row if you remember.


She is so HOTT! Can't wait to see this movie! Go Angie!


Wow. Titles for movie keep on getting worse and worse.


Yes, she keeps playing the same role over and over again. the cute and quirky girl who's not complete until she finds Mr. Right (about 3 min before the credits start rolling). What a bore!


the same old same old....mortica......


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