Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp: It's On!

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Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are huge, hot movie stars who'll be working together on a new movie in which their respective characters make love in the shower.

Based on that, you can consider their respective relationships over.

That's the logic of the new Life & Style Weekly, which recalls "tearing clothing in a frenzy, mounting counter tops and thrusting against walls" in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Things got so hot and heavy in that 2005 film that Brad Pitt soon split from his wife, Jennifer Aniston, and found himself in Angelina Jolie's arms in real life, too!

But, what goes around comes around, and given the premise of The Tourist, it's basically inevitable that Angie will now leave Brad for Sexiest Man Alive Depp.

Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp

Sorry, Brad. What goes around comes around.

"The outline of her naked body is visible in the shower," the script teases, describing one provocative dream sequence. "Frank (Depp) walks to the shower and opens the glass door. Walking in, he lifts Cara (Jolie) against the glass."

"Clutching at her slithery body, he proceeds to kiss her frantically," it continues. "She kisses him back with ardor, wrapping her dripping legs around his back."

Vanessa Paradis is apparently worried ... and for good reason!

This flick, slated for an early 2011 release, sure sounds steamy. You can bank on the fact that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will reunite by then at the latest.


Angelina must not believe in "what goes around comes around" because her actions have caused so much pain and heartache for others. I'm looking forward to the day she gets hers! As far as JD goes, his girlfriend is being smart! I hope she is on the set the entire time they are filming the steamy parts. Also, she sould make sure AJ knows that she is no Jennifer Aniston and wont sit around and let her do her voodoo.


yha we had enough of angie this and that, come on people the are so many issues you can write about, leave them alone. let them leave their own life. what image angie is trying to do is none of your business. i love her for adopting many unfortunate kids, iwould adopt one my self if i have means. lets give her around of appluase for that.we all have our skeleton. i love angie you can hate me for that i don't care.


Depp and Jolie are doing their jobs as actors. They got the parts and obviously the director is happy with the choices made. But everyone has problems in their own lives and no one is perfect but dirty reporters and gossipers have to expose them and make it 10x harder for a successful Actress to be happy because they have to try and get involved in their personal lives. Its ridiculous and low!!!!! Get a life! And there is NOTHING wrong with being a missionary, a mother of 6, and great and sexy actress. It just makes her 10x better!


I don't know...JD is pretty might be getting a little too routine with BP...but I really think those days are over...she seems to have grown up and JD...not easily would be juicy, but I just don't see it happening...they are not 20 anymore and there is just too much on the line and too many peeps to hurt...and they are both amazing parents! But the two of them in a movie...WOW!


People do good, people make mistakes, we fall down but we get up time and time again, that is called Human Nature. I am pretty sure we all have done things that we wish no body would ever find out about, well I am certainly one of those people. So please spare me the gossip and rumors because if the shoe was on the other foot, how would you behave. It takes a strong individual to be in the public eye, because whenever you are there things seemed to get complicated, twisted, and people never let you live down your mistakes, but then again I guess this person is living in a glass house and everything is perfect......


neither angelina joie of johnny depp are married!


I think that this story is made up of partial truths. Yes, Jolie does have a track record of ending up with people she meets from her past movies. But at the same time, I sincerely doubt that Depp is the type of person to jeopardize his family for this woman. Remember, Jolie does have standards and she usually will not cross the line with a man, if he is in a relationship with someone and has children.


Oh my........ This can't happen. Love them both, but both are Geminis dont the know they will drive each other right up the wall. I hope this does not become truth, EVER!


What do any of you people know about them? Nothing. Free Britney this is a piece of shit article you should really get a life. Obviously wasn't paying attention I clicked on this thinking it was about the movie! The rest of you need to get a life as well. How can any of you debate aspects of these individuals lives and personal character? Not a one of you know them. I'm sorry but I have truly enjoyed movies they have all made (aka Depp, Pitt, Jolie, Aniston)and I have the brains to know that's all I know about them and ever really will know about them.


I don't think Angie is Johnny C. Depp type. He loves his family and I do not see him leaving Vannisa for Angie. Johnny likes the quite life. HE STAYS AWAY FROM GOSSIP MAGAZINE'S . So who ever writing this should learn more about you're source before writing things that are not true .See if Johnny will give you an interview. Then I might believe you're story.

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