Allison Iraheta Album, Track Listing Details: Revealed!

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She's getting billed at the next Kelly Clarkson.

But the fourth place finished on the last season of American Idol will be happy just being the first Allison Iraheta.

On December 1, this young rocker releases her debut album. While we can't offer snippets of each song - like we can for Adam Lambert's upcoming CD - we can offers fans a full track listing from the disc.

Iraheta Picture

Check out the names of the singles below and let us know: will you purchase Allison's album?

  1. “Friday I’ll Be Over U”
  2. “Robot Love”
  3. “Just Like You”
  4. “Don’t Waste The Pretty”
  5. “Scars”
  6. “Pieces”
  7. “D Is For Dangerous”
  8.  “Holiday”
  9. “Still Breathing”
  10. “Trouble Is”
  11. “No One Else”
  12. “Beat Me Up”
  13. “You Don’t Know Me”
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Ok i certainly don't think there is atynhing going on between them, mainly because Adam is gay so . but it did seem like a little more than brotherly love didn't it? but i really just dont think there is atynhing going on! this is a very good question though! hope this helped bye!!! (-:


Like it all 'cept for Beat Me Up. Whose lame idea was that domestic violence come on? Jeez.


I will definitely buy her album. I love her!


Allison is a Rocker. I love her voice. I just bought her CD


Allison is a Rocker. I love her voice


I pre-ordered Allison's album, the first day it was available to do so. I'm also going to purchase it on ITunes, and go out and buy it.


Allison is great. I can't wait to buy it
I Love her voice. She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love Allison voice. Defenitely, I will buy her CD's
Good Luck to Allison
Your fan


I am buying it. Can't wait. She is great!


I would buy her Album hands down... I love anything she sings!