Alexandra Kerry DUI Thrown Out

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Sen. John Kerry's daughter is off the hook.

These politicians' kids. They get away with anything just because of their parents' pull ... or because the L.A. City Attorney decides not to prosecute them because they're actually under the legal limit for blood alcohol content in this case.

Early Thursday morning, Alexandra Forbes Kerry was pulled over and busted for DUI by the LAPD Thursday morning, refusing a blood alcohol test at the scene.

A formal test given to her at the police station showed her level was .06 ... under the legal limit of .08. Alexandra Kerry was released on bail shortly after.

Alexandra Kerry is off the hook in her DUI case.

She could have been prosecuted anyway, as all it takes is the court's judgment to deem you are under the influence in California and one sip is enough.

However, just as most people aren't issued speeding tickets for driving 40 in a 35, the D.A. has bigger fish to try and prosecuting a .06 is a non-starter.

That said, the dismissal was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

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Alexandra Kerry Busted For DUI

Sen. John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra, was arrested for DUI last night, although she ended up testing under the legal limit.