Album Sales Showdown: Adam Lambert vs. Rihanna vs. Lady GaGa vs. Susan Boyle

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One is making headlines for simulating oral sex on stage.

Another is aiming for a comeback after a public, ugly break-up.

A third is really, really weird.

And the fourth major artist releasing a new album this week has actually broken pre-sale records, despite having been utterly unheard of just a few months ago.

Indeed, with numerous singers and record labels hoping to take advantage of the holiday season, this is shaping up to be the most competition week in CD sales history.

Adam Lambert ("For Your Entertainment"), Rihanna ("Rated R"), Lady GaGa ("The Fame Monster") and Susan Boyle ("I Dreamed A Dream") will all compete for the top spot on the charts.

And we're not even counting Britney Spears, who is releasing a collection of her number-one hits (K-Fed is definitely not inclued on that list. Zing!).

Adam Lambert Album Cover
Rihanna Rated R Album Cover

Whose new album will you purchase first?


Great album Adam! I love your voice and and its great potential, thats whats its all about anyway!


All of them are talented artists!


you Rockstar!! awesome cd. best new unique , talented, artist, entertainer of 2010, who will always, leave us wanting for more, and waiting to see what new surprises he has in store for us , and the music industry, which he has been stirring up, he is a household name already, talk of the town, go Adam, plus everyone thinks Fye is a crazy song, they havent even heard Crawl thru the fire yet, that is one crazy song, just wait and see what this artist has for us in the coming years!!!!


already bought it......buying more for you, adam.........


Adam Lambert, I wish you all the luck with your new CD. I LOVE IT!!! I knew you could do it!!!!!


Adam is the best -- weird or not! I must admit I did not see his performance (?) on AMA, but his voice is amazing. I like Lady GaGa on some songs but I like all of Adams songs on this album. Sorry, have to say, from what I have read, I do wish he had retained some control over the act -- whoops! Wrong verb!
Why I did not see the performance is because I live in Chile and ABC does not broadcast here and Sony did not pick it up!


None of the above. Sensationalism and Shock value are the new talent barometers... Thanks Madonna.


LMAO! Love your description of each, especially Gaga!! It's true..she is really, really weird, but I lurv her for it!!
HOWEVER, not NEARLY enough for my vote. ADAM EFFING LAMBERT bb!!!



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