Adam Lambert: Ready to Date!

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Gentlemen, start your flirting engines!

On the heels of his break-up with Drake LaBry, Adam Lambert says he's ready to test the single scene.

"I will date on tour," he said simply at the world premiere of 2012 in Los Angeles yesterday, though no tour has actually be announced yet for the singer.

His much-hyped debut album comes out on November 23. You can listen to songs from it NOW!

At 2012 Premier
Lovely Lambert

Stylish as always, Adam Lambert is ready to date. [Photos: Splash News]

What kind of man is Lambert looking for? He told Us Weekly any potential mate must be "intelligent" and possess "creativity and compassion."

As for LaBry, the classy star has nothing but positive things to say about his ex.

"I don't really feel like there were any mistakes made. I feel like things evolved. Sometimes you're on the same page with somebody, and sometimes you have to get off that page and on to another one."


gay? no way is he is GAY! lol.


Whoever is responible for this should be deleting homophobic, hate-mongering, demeaning posts. This is 2009 and many people have moved past this shit, and most blogs will not tolerate it. Get some balls and take a stand !!!


i really HATE the seriously person :|


Nothing Wrong with being GAY!!! That would be anyone's personal business! With Adam I think people are in for a surprise. Details MAgazine was only the beginning! His Bi-Curious side is starting to take effect!


Gays are not mental, stop hating on them. They are beautiful human beings like everyone else. Grow up!!


Crazy..stupid gays...clearly mentals..also hope he doesnt get like AIDS....GO AGAINST GAYS!


Who Said Gentlemen Only??? I don't beleive Adam would say that. I think he'll test the waters! he's very open minded. I think the way he carries on he Flirts with women. I think it may be already in the works. He's Sly!! One never knows!


wow... he's speedy


It's nice to hear people part in good ways but honestly, who cares if and when he's ready to date.


Orange ya glad ...oompa loompa Lambert....rotfl....I bet his wee wee looks like a carrot, lol....


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