Adam Lambert on AMA Performance: I Got Carried Away

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Give Adam Lambert credit.

He's sticking to his belief that there's a double standard for provocative men versus provocative women - but he's also acknowledging that he went too far Sunday night at the American Music Awards.

"I admit, I did get carried away, but I don't see anything wrong with it," he said on The Early Show today. "I do see how people got offended and that was not my intention. My intention was just to interpret the lyrics to my song and have a good time up there."

Lambert added that he "can understand" why parents are upset. But "[children] didn't cross my mind," he said. "It was almost 11 o'clock. It was a nighttime show. I was there in the audience full of mostly adults."

Controversial Performance

It was also a network show, something Adam should have considered before he grinded his crotch into a dancer's face.

But he says he was overwhelmed by a feeling of just wanting to "let loose." He's also well aware that his music and his antics aren't for everyone, adding:

"Like Idol, I have the tendency to divide people. You either like it or you don't."

You gotta admit: it's refreshing to hear an artist not cater to the common denominator; or change who he is because some people might be uncomfortable.

While acknowledging the criticism that's come his way, Lambert also repeated his belief that if "a female pop performer [did] the moves... there would have been nearly as much of an outrage."

In fact, Janet Jackson grabbed a male dancer's crotch earlier in the night! Where is the controversy over that?!?

"I didn't hear one peep about that," he said, stating why he thinks people have responded so negatively toward him: "I am a gay male."

Has your opinion on the performance changed? What did you think of it?



I'd let him kiss me anytime!


Oh please! It has nothing to do with being gay or straight! GEEZ! (And calling anyone who disagrees with Adam's performance "gay haters" is really low. Guess no one else is allowed to have their own opinion then, unless it was pro-gay only) Doesn't anyone remember the Justin and Janet fiesco a few years back with the boob popping out? Everyone freaked from that! And it was a heterosexual pair. Thing is, if Adam was JUST kissing (Guy or girl) then it would of been tame. The fact of the matter is, he was practically having sex on stage. It wasn't just a bit of light fanservice at all, but almost resembled soft porn. I don't give a crap about his sexuality, that was just raunchy as heck : / even for the audience. Sex is already everywhere, it's enough already.


okay for criend out loud people fuck off. So what if he kissed a guy. the gays should get the same and equal rights as us straight people.


Okay so what he kissed a guy big woop, women kiss guys every day oh it just happened a again. parents shouldnt let there children under 12 whatch tv past 9 pm. yeh he took a big risk but jannet jackson grabbing thse guyses crotch every other minute didnt help. And no he shouldnt be banned from tv just like brittney spears and madonna werent 6 years ago. so all gay haters if u cant say anything nice dont say anything at all.


what a nasty cunt. i dont even know him but on a first impression basis he's a filthy cunt. i dont listen 2 his music. and now i never will. ¬_¬


Adam Lambert.... Make your choice Superstar Singer or Wanna Be Porn Star............You have the voice, but need a better song


Point is, the pic of him pushing a man's face into his crotch is splashed all over the internet and is supposedly what the uproar is about. What about when he pushed the woman's face into his crotch? It's a huge double standard. Fact of the matter is, the only time America doesn't get into an uproar about homosexuality is when the people in question are attractive lesbians.


Bravo for getting the press and the album sales booming. Definately not going down in history as a "goodie two shoes" ammerican idol contestant. I watched the performance and saw nothing in appropriate but then i admit i am evil and don't conform to society.


Adam is amazing entertainer.. but, on the AMA he was really taking a risk and daring to do those antics on national t.v. I know there is lot of people record that show cuz show they could watch it later cuz it was on late and some of the viewers were young ones who admired Adam's talents. The people he mentioned that did crazy things are already known to the public and are famous already. Adam is new to this fame - needs to oversee what kind of performance is appropriate for t.v. Please keep the sexual gestures and outrageous dancers in the club or in solo concerts. There has been a lot of controversy about this and I hope Adam learns his lesson. The most important thing he has to remember is to entertain the fans/audience with "class" because we are the ones who will buy his music and make him famous.


people need to stop thinking bad of him. so he kissed a guy on stage infront of millions of people SO WHAT?. madonna and britney spears kissed in the 2003 MTV musci awards too. i dont see what the bif deal is. and parents really shouldnt let their children watch shows after 9:00 which is the time that "adult" stuff come outl so give him a break people gosh!


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