Adam Lambert American Music Awards Performance: Awesome or Inappropriate?

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Taylor Swift was the big winner at last night's American Music Awards. No surprise there.

But viewers and audience members were shocked when Adam Lambert closed the show with a controversial performance that's been lighting up Twitter accounts and gossip blogs all night long.

Following songs by Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Lady Gaga, Lambert took to the stage in a silver suit.

He proceeded to gyrate against back-up singers and kiss a male band member. Throw in some S&M imagery and a bit of simulated sex and you have a buzzed-about performance that puts Lambert directly in the spotlight just as his debut album hits stores today.

Watch the rendition below and let us know your thoughts on it...

What do you think of Lambert's performance?

Red Carpet Lambert

For those you believe he can't sing, do your research and listen to previous performances from him. He is spectacular. However it is true that he was completely off at the AMAs; probably a case of massive nerves with too much adrenaline. Nevertheless I am still a fan, and I am disgusted by all the flippant fans out there who jump the boat just because of this. He may have made a silly move with the AMAs, but it is just one mistake, and it was due to the massive pressure put on a complete notice of TV performances. Give him a break and another chance; if you thought he was a great guy until now, it is because he is a great guy. Everyone makes mistakes, even you.


I think Adam went a bit too far, but it was not as shocking as everybody made it out to be. He took the song and made it his own, like he always does. I liked his interpretation of the song, but I think the only thing that was over the top was the oral sex simulation. Who cares about the kiss? We see men kissing each other on TV or in movies all the time. So what? Don't forget how young he is and everybody makes bad decisions once in a while. Hopefully he'll learn from this. He's a great singer and performer and I can't wait to watch his career.


He's a really talented guy, but that performance was really inappropriate... However, his keyboardist didn't seem to mind Adam's tongue down his throat >.< And neither did the guy who had his face thrust into Adam's crotch 0_0 haha :)


(Caleb Says:
November 23rd, 2009 12:39 PM
Um, women have been skankier on stage before (I don't need to name any names either) why is it so important when a guy does it?
On a side note, if parents are so worried about young kids seeing it. why are those "young kids" in bed by the time it came on, it was almost 11! Kids should be in bed by then, parents are to blame for that. Apparently no one cares when kids see a performance laced with swears and no talent only moments before.) Dear Calab, I would say this to anyone, male or female, that kind of performance is a disgrace, and as for the children, I don't know what state your from, but where, I live, this was on from 8 to 10 not it went off well before 11.


Dear Anster,and wiserolder....
the American Music Awards is and has always been for every age, and this is the first time they have ever allowed that kind of mess on the show, sure lots of other performers, have done bad trash as well but they had their own show, not the music awards. Oh and by the way, it wasn't the late show... the News came on after the 10:00Pm. Kids have always watched the music awards.. Oh and Mr. Yup, Brittney spears was also bashed for what happened with her, she practicly lost everything, she is just now getting her name back as a performer, but then again, none of this was at the American music awards in front of small kids.


I think Adam Lambert mad a pure disaster, I may not agree with his choice of life stlye, but that has nothing to do with how I feel about what his performance on the music awards was, it will probably put a end to his caree in music. I know and understand he says others before him done such things, but was it on a National music awards, no, it was on shows put on by the person performing and all of the Nation had a choice in what their children had to watch. He did this and children had to see his garbage.... and that is what I think of him now... I loved him on American Idol, he was one of my favorites... Adam you probably messed up may be going back to your old job......I would not ever buy your music now.... you really diappointed me... All adults don't like to watch it , but children should not have to.


First, I hate the song really, it doesn't match Adam's voice at all. Second, the performance was very intense of course, but I think there are some limits... Specially for an upcoming artist. That's more of a middle song in a full concert of your own, not a music award. I mean even Madonna's kiss was way different... Adam could have omited the kiss, the other thing was enough. I mean the poor guy looks like surprised, he's definetely pulling off... He probably was like S*** I was just playing my keyboard!!


It was basically Rocky Horror Picture show turned up one notch. Boo.


Gee whiz, if he didn't have any talent then why did the AMA ask him to sing for them in the first place, to keep the other no-talents on the show company??


Nasty! Just Nasty!! GOd help this world!


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