Adam Lambert American Music Awards Performance: Awesome or Inappropriate?

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Taylor Swift was the big winner at last night's American Music Awards. No surprise there.

But viewers and audience members were shocked when Adam Lambert closed the show with a controversial performance that's been lighting up Twitter accounts and gossip blogs all night long.

Following songs by Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Lady Gaga, Lambert took to the stage in a silver suit.

He proceeded to gyrate against back-up singers and kiss a male band member. Throw in some S&M imagery and a bit of simulated sex and you have a buzzed-about performance that puts Lambert directly in the spotlight just as his debut album hits stores today.

Watch the rendition below and let us know your thoughts on it...

What do you think of Lambert's performance?

Red Carpet Lambert

REally SHIT performance.
I found his singing worse than the inappropriate part of the it. he was screaming his lungs out and was totally off pitch :S


adam loved u at the ai auditions, loved u as the 1st runner up and totally loved ur stage presence and performance at the music awards. i am a mature women who has seen the likes of alice cooper and rocky horror picture show. u r glam rock at its theatrical best!! bravo!! hope to see u on tour soon.


I loved Adams performance at the AMA's. He's a real showman! Everybody thinks his performance was shocking. It's nothing more than we see everyday in late night movies. I'm a 52 year old straight woman and I think he is the most talented person that I've seen in a long time. I watched him all through AI, and am watching his career grow. If you can watch "Time for miracles" and not see a fantastic talent emerging, there's something wrong with you. Adam, you should be very proud of yourself!!! I know I am! Go for it kid -- you've got it ALL!!


GOOD GOD PEOPLE!!! Get over it!!! Madonna and Britney tongue kissed PRIME TIME at the MTV awards in 03. Janet Jackson showed her boob. Michael Jackson always grabbed his crotch! I thought it was hot and sexy! The only reason anyone has a problem with it is because he's gay. HELLO???? We're in the 21st century NOT the 19th! It was genius on his part - controversy sells! His CD came out the next day! Those of you complaining that your children saw it - you need to check your parenting skills, why are they up that late? And those of you just complaining period - you need a big dose of REALITY!!!! People make me sick that they are that close minded! I hope you never travel to Europe, you would be totally disgusted! Americans are PRUDES! And YES I'm an American! Born and raised! GET OVER IT!!!!!


Just think. A few years ago we were shocked about the Madonna & Britney Spears kiss. I'm an old prude, but I have actually seen worse. Think about what some rap artist do. This performance by Adam Lambert was a tad too suggestive for my taste. But if they had taken out the scene with the man on a leash and the simulated oral sex, it would have been okay with me.


This performance was in bad taste. I do not believe that ANYONE is being judgmental because of his sexual preference, but more of the way he was so in your face. This was a great opportunity for him, and in my opinion, he blew it. ABC is not responsible for his actions. If anyone should be fined, it is him. He chose to change his performance because HE “got carried away�. Explain how that is ABC’s fault.


I think the most important thing about the performance was that Adam sounded like crap. He did so much better on AI covering other people's stuff. He is trying to hard to be out of the norm.


I hope he knows that young kids are watching this! Adam, save this gay stuff for someplace that is ment gay. I can promise you a lot more people liked you before. I know I dont anymore and a lot of people feel the same way. No one cares if your gay but if you go out on children and family TV and turn it into some sex show well then people are gonna start caring. Alot of these other reviews about how much of a mistake you made are very good too! I think Adam needs to read these and watch his performance again and realy think about what he just did! I would not do anything like this again! @-'-,--


His performance was awesome and like he said his not a baby sitter parents should know better. Most of these performances on these award shows contain sexual antics. Eminem raps about horrible things parents shouldn't be letting their kids watch this period. My child was sleeping at that time and i would never let him watch any of these shows.


That performance was terrible and his singing/the song was BEYOND TERRIBLE


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