Adam Lambert American Music Awards Performance: Awesome or Inappropriate?

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Taylor Swift was the big winner at last night's American Music Awards. No surprise there.

But viewers and audience members were shocked when Adam Lambert closed the show with a controversial performance that's been lighting up Twitter accounts and gossip blogs all night long.

Following songs by Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Lady Gaga, Lambert took to the stage in a silver suit.

He proceeded to gyrate against back-up singers and kiss a male band member. Throw in some S&M imagery and a bit of simulated sex and you have a buzzed-about performance that puts Lambert directly in the spotlight just as his debut album hits stores today.

Watch the rendition below and let us know your thoughts on it...

What do you think of Lambert's performance?

Red Carpet Lambert

Adam has tremendous talent. I hope he will tone down the sexual graphics and use that beautiful voice.


First,if it's 11pm on the west coast its only 9pm where i live.My 9 year old has a bedtime of 10pm.Fortunately,she missed this.I agree that its no ones business what a person's sexual preference is.I disagree with it being broadcast into millions of living rooms.I dont want to see a girl doing that to a guy,a guy doing that to a girl.If I did I would google porn.The awards need to be rated R,or in this case,xxx.I dont want to see anybody regardless of age sex or gender doing that on a regular FAMILY channel.Save it for adult channels.


EVIL - that's all he is! Looks like the devil and acts like one. Should stick to singing and leave his "sexual preference" out of his performances....


I actually did like the guy until this performance now I'm just
embarrassed for him for not having better judgment. I mean the
only thing he will be remembered for is rubbing his crotch in
someone's face and kissing the straight keyboard player. And if
he wanted to be judged based on talent that isn't what has happened.
He mentioned the double standard thing well welcome to a women's
world they've dealt with the double standard thing for years. But
I really can't recall a crotch face rub by any of them and the only
same sex kiss was Brittany and Madonna. And Madonna and Brittany
are not being remembered for just that one performance.


I thought it was gary gash = it was so gash that it made my gash want to gash- gash!!!!!!!!!!


People are very much overreacting. Yes there was some parts that were inapropiet , but also it went with the song. Maybe that song was not best for the AMA's but you should not hold it against him. He is a new proformer and is experamenting. Most likley he didnt even come up with that. And i think its rediculous that you guys will not buy his albums because of that. Imagion Madona! She is 100 times worse, and still both men and women enjoy her music, and she is a music icon! MJ was a purve but still so many people are in love with him! And also with America today that is no shocker of what Adam was doing. So i think you guys need to leave him alone for that preformance and if you like his VOISE then you should still buy his albums.


That was the worst performance I've ever seen. I was a fan ready to buy his music. My daughters crossed his name off the x-mas wish list. Adam did not need to make this a gay issue. Don't believe that ABC was clueless either, why else would he be the last performance of the evening. This fan did not care if Adam was gay or not. He wants respect but has 0 for his fans. I'm disappointed. Adam could have captured all audiences. Even the gay community is disappointed! Wonder what Adam's family thinks? Family gives unconditional love, fans don't!


The Janet Jackson/JT Superbowl incident seems to have sparked less outrage. Get over it America! If you had young kids up after 10pm to watch this, Adam's performance is the least of your worries. A Toronto radio station aired a called from an irate mother of a 7 year old who saw the performance - focus on parenting, a 7 year old shouldn't be up at 10:40 whatever pm.


Our society has been totally obliterated. What happened to our morals and values? Not only should kids not be watching this, but NO ONE should be watching this. I don't think anything like this is acceptable including if it had been a female performer. Why didn't Adam just have sex onstage? Because that's what it looked like he was doing. I am completely disgusted with his actions. Whether or not certain ages of kids or adults should be listening or watching him, he is a "role model" and everyone is watching him. When you are a performer, you cater to your audience and he obviously isn't a good performer because he did not cater to his audience. He should NEVER been invited to perform at another awards show.


Thisisme said it right :)


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