Adam Lambert American Music Awards Performance: Awesome or Inappropriate?

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Taylor Swift was the big winner at last night's American Music Awards. No surprise there.

But viewers and audience members were shocked when Adam Lambert closed the show with a controversial performance that's been lighting up Twitter accounts and gossip blogs all night long.

Following songs by Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Lady Gaga, Lambert took to the stage in a silver suit.

He proceeded to gyrate against back-up singers and kiss a male band member. Throw in some S&M imagery and a bit of simulated sex and you have a buzzed-about performance that puts Lambert directly in the spotlight just as his debut album hits stores today.

Watch the rendition below and let us know your thoughts on it...

What do you think of Lambert's performance?

Red Carpet Lambert

I didn't watch last season of "AI," but I kept hearing about how brilliant Adam Lambert was. This was my first real exposure to him. And I gotta ask...Is that it? A gay Geddy Lee impersonator? Throwing desperate attempts at sexual shock like spaghetti against a wall to try to disguise the utter craptabulance of that awful song? But I suppose he does have some talent. You'd have to be a pretty good ventriloquist to keep singing loud and clear when your tongue is in another guy's mouth.


The performance was not appropriate for kids and they are the ones watching the show and purchasing the cd's. I wanted him to win American Idol but after that performance, I will not be purchasing his album. How can you justify a performance like that and how do you explain to a 10 year old who is watching the mimic of a man giving a blow job to another man? I am stunned that ABC did not monitor the performance a little better.


I'm an Adam fan who loved him on AI. I stayed up until the end f the show just to watch him, and I was totally disappointed. That performance did not even showcase his amazing vocals, was completely trashy, and will alienate him from many former fans.


Wow. That was a train wreck. We felt bad for the guy because we actually really appreciated his talents and skill on AI. Between the stupid sex scenes and falling and tumbling, it was a disaster from the time he got on the stage. He should have taken the gig with Queen.


Adam, Adam, you have insulted your talent. I think you are feeding too much on shock reaction (which, lets face it, even Maury Povich can do!! - doesn't take a genius).
No one cares if you are gay, bi, or otherwise, what we liked on Idol was your stage presence, charisma and voice.
I thought you would have more class, you have taken a gift and clouded it's beauty. And yes, you will regret this my boy!!


Nice job Adam! Show the world how much the human race is nothing more than monkies that would nail anything they could attract with a piece of fruit. Being gay is the easiest thing in the world to do. It requires no moral convictions, no descriminating bias and the love of smelling human feces.

Avatar has been done (Prince did it, with a great voice & talent), unlike this clown) is not that he did it, it is that he is practically a nobody with a shiteous song and voice & he did it....He did it for attention and press. His overall performance sucked and had he not done the sexual acts of desperation, he would'nt be getting any press AT ALL....IT is not the "double standard" bull shit, it is about this guy taht is failing as a recording artist, acting like a diva....He just drove a few more nails into the coffin of his pop career....STICK TO BROADWAY ADAM, WICKED WANTS YOU BACK, NOW


It would have been more entertaining if he could actually sing. ICK.


Oh please. I'm from Europe and I didn't find it sooo shocking in the slightest. He didn't do anything that much different from the other performers, IMO. The only reason why people are talking about it is because the guy has CHARISMA. Love him or hate him, he's just interesting to listen and watch, and that is the mark of a true artist. So he's not for what? I like him, he's fearless and fun, and has a great voice.
PS BTW, about the kids watching? A lot could be also argued about letting your small kids be up at 11 PM, in order to watch a guy who isn't exactly known for playing it safe:-)that's what I also call a double standard


I'll always be a fan but Adam, that performance did not help your career at all! Those type of performances should be reserved for the Gay clubs and venues of that atmosphere, not an American Award show where millions of people/kids are watching! You really should keep in mind who you are singing to and who is watching. You keep doing performances like that your career will go now where fast! After that Performance, your album sales are not going to be as good as they could of been. Stick to what got you to where you are!!!


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