Adam Lambert Album Preview: Snippets of Every Song!

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Have you listed to the first single off Adam Lambert's debut album, For Your Entertainment? Did you like it?

If so, are you ready for even more from Adam Lambert? (Waiting for the screams of approval die down...)

The singer's record label has released a video that features 30-second clips from all 14 singles on the CD. Oh yes, that's over seven minutes of new, exciting, Lambert-riffic music!

Click, listen and enjoy below...

We apologize. Stupid YouTube has removed this video.

Here's a look at the full track listing for the album, which hits stores on November 23. That's just three days after New Moon opens. What a week ahead!

  1. Music Again
  2. For Your Entertainment
  3. Whataya Want From Me
  4. Strut
  5. Soaked
  6. Sure Fire Winners
  7. A Loaded Smile
  8. If I Had You
  9. Pick U Up
  10. Fever
  11. Sleepwalker
  12. Aftermath
  13. Broken Open
  14. Time For Miracles

Umm his album comes out Nov. 24 not the 23


I love all of the snippets! Adam is sooooooooooo good! Music Again and Soaked are two of my favorites. I can't find them online anymore. :(


You blogged elsewhere about the the supposed small size of Adam's genitals. We all know what your problem is with Adam, and it's not his music. If you are homophobic (and honey you are), then please go blog about Kris Allen, who is straight. I love Adam's music and have already preordered several copies of his new cd.


Love the span of genres. Adam sounds great. Especially like soaked,sleepwalker broken open and music again. Sleepwalker sounds to me like I will play it over and over again. The vocals are amazing. Adam has a one of a kind voice. An unbelievable singer. Can't wait to hear him play these live. He is such a dynamic live performer. Can you imagine FYE and fever with Adams long legs strutting across the stage. Fever indeed


The snippets are too short to fully review the whole CD. I like some and some I question but I LOVE his voice. The tour will no doubt sell this CD because he is a dynamic live performer. Get ready to rumble for those tickets girls.


Soaked is for sure my favorite. It rips at my heart from the first note.


I'm loving the variety of genres and moods! Adam delivers big. Can't wait for the cd and especially the tour. OMG fantastic!


guys everyone has his music style!!!! for me i'm into all the kinds of music!!!!!! so i love every track without an exception!! but i'm curious to hear the rest of sleepwalker it's theone that got my attention the most!!! but if i had to give the album a mark !! i will be 100/10( i don't know if it exist! LOOL!)


ADAM never fails. He always surprises and amazes his audience. I'm proud to be a fan. From the snippets, I already love Soaked, A Loaded Smile and Broken Open because it's ADAM's voice that dominates. Can't wait for the album. EXCELLENCE to the highest order!


To seriously Says: Do you have a two year old, poo, poo come on! clean your ears geeeeeees!!! First of all "Soaked" will be one of thoes mesmerizing hits with unforgettable lyrics---- and your comment bombed along time ago so give it up already. Adam Lambert has it all.


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