ABC: Cool with Woman Beating, Down on Men Kissing

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We can't wait to hear ABC explain this one:

The network booted Adam Lambert off Good Morning America this week after he kissed a guy on stage at the American Music Awards.

However, the show is scheduled to air an interview and possible performance by Chris Brown next week, someone convicted of felony assault for beating on Rihanna.

“The network is giving a mixed message,” a source at ABC source told The New York Post. "It doesn’t trust someone who shocked with an unpredictable show and a gay kiss, but then it is happy to go ahead with Chris Brown, who was convicted of felony assault.”

Red Carpet Lambert

That will especially be true if the show features a performance by Brown. It's one thing to interview him and perhaps shed light on the serious issue of domestic abuse.

But if Brown actually performs songs from his new album, ABC will be giving a convicted woman beater a platform with which to make money and promote his music.

Said another insider at the network:

“Chris Brown’s interview was booked way before Adam Lambert took to the stage. It is to give him a chance to respond to Rihanna’s interview. The possibility of him performing a song will be worked out next week.”

It's unclear why Brown should have a chance to respond to anything. Didn't he forfeit that right when he left his girlfriend a bloody, beaten mess?


only a person who doesn't consider beating women to be wrong would say such a thing. It's not like he parked in a handicapped parking spot, he beat someone brutally ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION!!!! he also threatened to kill her.... I think that is something it takes a long time to forgive + forget.... nobody is perfect, wow....I kill babies, but hey don't hate me...nobody is perfect! what a pathetic attempt at an excuse for something that is COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE.
I think if it were your mother or your sister or daughter, you may feel a bit differently...or maybe not??


I can't believe ABC would be that ignorant! I will not supporting their shows anymore. Chris Brown is ok but not Adam Lambert! That is rediculous!


They both suck. Next!


He shouldn't get any rights but the reason they didn't want Lambert on was because they thought he might do a similar performance, it's not like chris brown is going to beat someone up on stage


Wow, so sad that this backlash about chris brown has to be motivated by a 'tit for tat' mentality about protecting gays.
Can't people honestly care about women being beaten and punishing those who do so??? I certainly think they should not support him, he is an abusive person...repeatedly abusive in rihanna's account of their relationship. If you are going to judge people on their character and family values, then he most certainly does not deserve airtime. in the words of MJ: it doesn't matter if you're black or white!!! if you do something wrong you should suffer the consequences.


ABC - watch out!!! I smell some nasty legal action coming your way!!!! You had better apologize to Mr Lambert!


Chris Brown is the lowest form of scum...and ABC should be rightly ashamed!!


Give me Lambert ANY DAY OVER THE WEEK over anybody's Chris Brown!! What hypocrisy!!!!


What ABC is doing is disgusting. They are using both young performers to increase ratings. They don't care about either one. They know controversy is good for ratings, and that's all they care about. They must think were all stupid. They don't care about gay people's rights. They don't care about woman being abused. They don't care about people who have abused, and are trying to reform. They don't care about these performers families, friends, and fans. They only care about money. I say we all stick together and BOYCOTT ABC, and their sponsors. Boycott until they invite Adam Lambert on to perform. Then they should have Chris on afterwards. ABC hould act quickly. The holidays are here, and I am not buying anything their sponsors are selling until they do whats right. There a bunch of greedy cowards.


If we could only get ABC to air Chris Brown dropping a Rihannaesc beatdown on Adam Lambert it would send a msg to all these queers that your kinds not welcome around here. Now go crawl back down into your faggalo hole.

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