Who's the Worst Father Ever: Jon Gosselin, Richard Heene or Michael Lohan?

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There are plenty of good fathers out there, and we laud their efforts. But unfortunately, some of the poorest ones have been dominating news cycles of late.

None garners headlines quite like Jon Gosselin. In the last six months, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad has gone through a ultimate midlife crisis like no other.

Before you just hand the Ed Hardy-wearing, mediocre skirt-chasing d-bag the title of Worst Father Ever, however, consider some of his recent competition.

There's Richard Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy's dad, who exploited his six-year-old, local law enforcement and the National Guard. All for his reality TV dream.

Then there's Michael Lohan, who's done time, failed to pay child support, and whose eldest train wreck is unlikely to survive too long the way she's going.

Who's the worst of the worst? There may be no right answer to that, but we leave it up to you to come as close as we can. Vote in the survey below!

Lohan Patriarch

Who's the worst dad?


I can't decide whose worse, they all suck


Who is any one to say that John is SO terrible? there are always two sides to every story, and I don't think that people give him enough credit. The media makes him out to be a lot worse then he really is I'm sure. And what about Kate? She was never very nice when I watched the show, pushy, bossy, and bitchy. They both need to grow up if you ask me!


All three of them should be stripped of any parental rights. They all stink as fathers, but I have to give gosselin the number 1 spot as he has messed up the most number of children.


let the devil pick.. they're all assholes that shouldn't even be parents.


I feel bad for the kids when they grow up (minus the Lohan's) who will be able to google they're lovely fathers and see what crap they did.


3 way tie
I was going to say that Heene is the only one who hasn't gone to the news/tabloids yet... oh wait... All are brutal and all are selfish.


jon. he's scarred 8 kids for life. there are "only" 4 lohan kids (scary, i know) and balloon boy has 1-2 siblings. jon by a landslide based on the total number of offspring he is shaming with his conduct ... not that the other two are much better.


gonna take Michael. he is a true deadbeat and knows it too, yet still exploits his child for attention. Balloon Boy's dad is probably f'd in the brain, and Jon has gone off the deep end but a lot of that can be blamed on that b!tch kate


They should not be called "fathers". They are simply the biological catalysts for procreation. A "father" protects his child and teaches them to be good human beings. Two out of these three have proven to be quite low on the food chain. Can you guess?


michael lohan is crazy. yes, he is. but he has good intentions when it comes to helping his daughter. he uses the media more than he should. jon gosselin and richard heene on the other hand - asshole fathers. terrible people.

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