Who Will Survive Longer, Lindsay Lohan or Amy Winehouse?

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The year 2009 is pretty much synonymous with celebrity deaths. Okay, that's not true in the least. But you have to admit, there have been a surprising number.

The way Lindsay Lohan is acting lately, one has to wonder if she's trying to become the latest casualty. If Michael Lohan is clued in, it's gotta be getting bad.

You know you have a drinking problem when the only events interrupting your raging partying schedule are court dates for your past DUI infractions. Yeesh.

We've seen this before with Britney Spears, who made a miraculous comeback after spiraling out of control in 2007. Now Lindsay has taken Britney's #2 spot.

The spot behind Amy Winehouse in The Hollywood Gossip's death pool, that is. A-Dubs remains the odds-on favorite, but LiLo's coming on fast and furious!

Given their lifestyles and frail states, Lindsay and Amy are both strong candidates to leave us at any moment. Who do you think will last longer? Vote below!

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Lindsay is just 23 and Amy only 26. Both look like they're pushing 45.

Who will live longer?


I'm really sorry... Amy Winehouse is already dead!!! I wish she is the last one!!! Rest In Peace dear Amy...


They're both doomed


this is terrible. we shouldn't be guessing celebrities death. maybe just they're career death. which i think has already happened for both.


Unfortunately we cannot play the game "who would last longer lost at sea"
Amy Winehouse can now simply stay afloat if stranded on the ocean with her new implants, lindsay would simply sink.. :( boo buutttt if lindsay goes through her really skinny stage again, maybe then she'd be bouyant enough and it'd be game on!


OMG I hope that somewhere are some equally if not more talented young women who will treat fame seriously and not take one second for granted. These two need to crawl back into their respective bottles (or whatever) and let's find some people who will give wholesomeness a try. These two are pathetic, sickening and just not worth any more press.


I am suspicious about the relationship about Amy and her father.
It seems to me incestuous.
That would explain her tatoos her alcoholism and the strange relationship with her father.
She is sat on a time bomb.


Annie, you are so right, I am a mother who lost her Daughter at 24 years old..not drugs....and believe me it's a phone call you never want to receive. Someone need to helps this girl, lets not bash her, someone help her please....manager, attorney,. who will step up, Dr Phil are you reading this? can someone in her inner circle help her???? Her father is beside himself with worry I am sure, that is why he said he wanted to take her away....I would be saying the same thing?
I will post my real name, someone help her please..thats how serious I am about it....
Karen Wilson


They're both just sad


Omg, I can't even decide guys! I grew up watching Lindsay's movie and I really want her to get back on track. I really wish I had a way of getting in touch with these girls. I would seriously try to help them. Where are their parents? If I was in that state, my mother would have chained me to a bed and my father would not leave my side. Not to mention what my boyfriend would do. Geez! He would let them know I NEEDED help. What is up with these girls parents?


I'm gonna be Winehouse for halloween =D That'd sure scare the crap out of little kids..

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