Trent Reznor and Mariqueen Maandig: Married!

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Nine Inch Nails singer Trent Reznor and Mariqueen Maandig, also a musician and his longtime squeeze, got married in a ceremony Saturday.

Maandig announced news of their engagement on her website in May.

The groom's bandmate, Danny Lohner, broke news of the newlyweds' nuptials on Twitter, writing "Goths the world over will mourn this day. Off to a wedding."

Hours later, the rocker and the West Indian Girl singer made it official. Lohner later posted a pic of the newlyweds dancing with the nice caption "Congrats!"

Trent Reznor and Mariqueen Maandig

Mariqueen Maandig is now Mrs. Trent Reznor!

Celebrity photographer Robert Evans, who shot Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding, as well as that of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, did the honors.

Congrats to Trent and his Mariqueen.


what does it matter where or how they met? obviously they are in love and decided to marry
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Long term? He met her on Twitter for goodness sakes. They were only dating a little over a week when he proposed and in total, he has only known her for six months. On other gossip blogs they are saying that it is a Khloe Kardashian arranged marriage to try and boost his non-existent career.


How long exactly do you consider "longtime"?