TLC Plans Kate Gosselin Puff Piece ... Er, Special

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Kate Gosselin is ready to tell her side of the story. Unfiltered.

Check that, it's completely filtered. There are going to be more softballs lobbed over the plate here than the Angels pitchers threw at the Yankees last night.

Wicked Witch of PA

After bonding with Meredith Viera on Today and the ladies of The View, the grating, reverse-mulleted mother of eight scored an hour-long special on TLC.

The final episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 as we know it is set to air next Monday, the same day they're due in court to hash out their bank account drama.

Clearly, this is them sticking it to Jon Gosselin, who TLC is suing for breach of contract after he halted production on the newly-renamed Kate Plus 8.

In the hour-long special, she'll be answering your pressing "questions about life, the show and moving on," the network announced in a press release.

They're even calling the gig You Ask, Kate Answers.

Queries can be posted on TLC's main show site. Here are just a few we would like to see Kate answer on the air during the special no one watches:

  • Do you try to be so mean or is it just your nature?
  • At what point did all the fame go to your head?
  • Who do the kids hate more, you or Jon?
  • Is that a dead porcupine on your head?

I watched the show and wish that I had not. Several of Kate's interviews have not been true. I wish there was a way to make her tell the truth. I don't understand that she would expect TLC to support the family. Kids need their grandparents and family to help them grow up responsible. I can't help but believe that there is someone at TLC making lots of money to keep this farce going. I know that people have written, called and pleaded to end this show, but it just will not go away. The learning channel is not teaching anything but deception, disrespect, and "do anything for money". Why would TLC buy a million dollar home for them? There are people that are losing their jobs, homes, etc. That million dollars could have made a Christmas for a lot of poor children.


JC where have you been?Jon quit his job and has stayed home for the last two years 24/7 with his children. Have you ever known of another father who was as hands on as he has been with his children? How lucky most people would be to have had the help and support he has given in raising his children,( along with working full time until she made him quit) esp. with all the bit@@ing he put up with. She has never, repeat never, been the one to bathe her children or put them to bed.Nancy had it all said perfectly, this woman has problems, ones she has created for herself, and she most surely does not need to be the full time parent- to pass these traits off to those adorable kids!


Wow, hate Kate much? Too many people on this blog obviously think they are perfect and can judge other people without being in their shoes. Being one of 13 children and after raising my own, I would never assume that anyone is perfect, but just wondering if you think Jon is just as bad as kate. Or do you just want to bash Kate for being a strong minded woman? Someone had to step up to the plate and this appeared to be Kate, Jon had and still has no desire to be a father 24/7, afterall, he lost his twenties while raising his kids. Does that sould like he is interested in being about him or being about his kids? At least she is with them the majority of time and I do think she is looking out for her kids, regardless of what people want to believe.


Kate's standard answer for everything: "It is for the kids." "The newly re-modeled kitchen is for the kids...I still wear my wedding ring for the kids...I'm switching out my wedding ring for a pearl surrounded by 8 diamonds for the kids..." "I am entitled to have a reality TV show because it is the only way I can earn money." Kate has a nursing degree and needs to get a real job.


And I agree with Peggy, it seems like TLC has now harnessed the attention that jon and kate are getting for their own gains, giving a "special sit down" with Kate.


she is a lot better dressed then jon, ya gotta admit that,


Come on, just who amongst you believes that Kate will address anything that makes her look in the least way like the b*tch that she is? You know TLC will give Kate the list of questions submitted and then she will weed them out and answer only those she feels are "appropriate." It's all a sham. She's a sham. Jon is a sham. TLC is a sham. I say don't watch the show - send the message to the network that we are sick of it all.


I agree 100% with Nancy, it's starting to kill me how much Kate constantly says "it's for my kids.. all for my babies.. I will not lay down and die.. they keep me going.. I'd go work at mcdonalds for them.."
Well, do something? She's just running her mouth - a lot like Jon. Maybe they are meant for each other. Enough with the public displays. Focus on your damn children and there future. Imagine when they're old enough to google (or probably already have) and see what crap there parents have been up too.


Once again proving she cares more about her public image then her children, she goes to the media. Pathetic.


will be interesting to see how real and honest her answers are
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