This Is It Fashion Face-Off: Adam Lambert vs. David Cook

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From the stage of American Idol to the red carpet of a major movie premiere.

David Cook and Adam Lambert have come a very long way.

The singers are each talented, handsome and, by all accounts, solid, moral, well-behaved individuals. But we're forcing Cook and Lambert to turn against one another below!

Posing for photos at the premiere of Michael Jackson's This Is It, both crooners might as well have been donning boxing gloves. Because it's totally on! Compare and contrast their looks and then vote in the proceeding poll...

  • This Is It for Lambert
  • Cooked

Who looked better at the This Is It premiere?


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Adam of course. His fashions sense is just in a different league.He is built to model with the chiseled features to match. David Cook will either get hair plugs in a year or go bald.What's with his combover??


How can you compare the two? C'mon they are two completely different individuals. David is naturally scrumptious. Adam is Adam. Don't compare. It's just not right.


I kinda prefer a REAL man. So DC. Hands down. He looked fantastic. Rock star without trying.


Adam is ok but just seems to be trying too hard.
David is amazing without even trying.The smile....just meltworthy.


DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!! I prefer masculine, simple. Plus, he wears the best accessory, the cutest smile ever!!!!


Adam looks gorgeous and has on hardly no makeup. It was a windy evening in LA and everyone's who had hair that would blow looked windblown. Love Adam's all-black. He's a great dresser. Love his style. I love David Cook but he seriously needs to give up the comb-over and do something with his hair. And I don't like the scarf and showing too much chest. Adam wins hands down! ps: Freaking love the leather tie!!! So Adam!!!


I have never been a fan of Adam Lambert's look: too dark, he could play a vampire role and he wears too much make-up ! I love David Cook's style: he is gorgeous and he doesn't have to wear make-up: he is simply gorgeous !


Cook just got off a plane after shooting Extreme Makeover Home Edition!


Their fashion matches their music - gay.